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Exploring CHIR99021: The Key to Stem Cell Research and Beyond

20 November 2023

Data Privacy and Protection in AI for Precision Medicine

31 October 2023

Bias in AI for precision medicine

02 October 2023

Outsourcing AI-assisted clinical trial analytics software: what to consider

29 August 2023

Editing B2M and CIITA to Create Hypoimmune Cell Lines for Cell Therapy

29 August 2023

Clinical trial analytics using AI: everything you need to know

14 August 2023

Why do patients respond differently to drugs? AI may provide an answer

05 May 2023

Wire myography: the ultimate guide [protocol included]

25 April 2023

Alternative testing methods covered by the FDA Modernization Act 2.0

06 March 2023

Everything you need to know about the motilin receptor

21 February 2023

Make a Difference with Fresh Residual Human Tissue Donation for Research – How to Get Involved!

31 January 2023

Clinical Trials: An Evolutionary Perspective

18 January 2023

From rat aorta to resistance arteries: measuring vascular contractility

16 January 2023

Recombinant Human Laminins and their Use in Cell Culture

05 January 2023

Everything we know about resistance arteries

21 November 2022

4 ways ex vivo models offer Pharma better alternatives to animal testing

01 November 2022

How to isolate PBMCs from whole blood using density gradient centrifugation

19 October 2022

REPROCELL’s Stemgent Brings mRNA Reprogramming to the Clinical Sector

14 October 2022

Everything we know about the human relaxin peptide family

28 September 2022

Endogenous and exogenous affectors of uterine contractility

27 September 2022

How human fresh tissue models are helping RCD405 achieve regulatory approval

17 August 2022

What are PBMCs? Everything you need to know about Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

10 August 2022

Protocol for buffy coat preparation from whole blood

09 August 2022

Protocol for PBMC isolation from buffy coat samples

09 August 2022

REPROCELL: What makes our biobank stand out?

04 August 2022

Ultimate guide to nonanimal cardiovascular safety pharmacology

03 August 2022

Everything you need to know about the 5-HT2B receptor

01 July 2022

Limitations of the isolated perfused heart and alternative models

24 May 2022

Everything we know about the 5-HT2A (serotonin) receptor

04 May 2022

Everything we know about the 5-HT1B receptor

21 April 2022

Skin biopsy and ex vivo culture methods

29 March 2022

The influence of the microbiome on inflammatory bowel disease

18 March 2022

What is Human Tissue Testing?

14 March 2022

REPROCELL Solutions for Skin Disease Researchers

04 March 2022

Predicting Psoriasis Drug Efficacy in Human Skin [INFOGRAPHIC]

03 March 2022

How SynFire® Technology can benefit your research

03 March 2022

Inserts or plates for your 3D cell culture?

28 February 2022

How to improve your 3D Cell Culture using Small-scale Perfusion Systems

15 February 2022

Enhance your epithelial barriers assay using Alvetex®

07 February 2022

Everything you need to know about the REPROCELL iPSC Biobank

30 November 2021

How we established an in vitro Parkinson’s Disease model

24 November 2021

How digital droplet PCR can improve CRISPR gene editing (with examples)

05 October 2021

What is digital droplet PCR and how can it improve stem cell therapies?

13 September 2021

The ultimate guide to REPROCELL’s GMP iPSC manufacturing service

09 September 2021

The ultimate guide to REPROCELL’s stem cell research services

16 August 2021

Will mRNA change medicine for good?

12 August 2021

Our top 10 stem cell culture products

02 July 2021

Human tissue testing and precision medicine

08 June 2021

The ultimate guide to Alvetex

31 May 2021

How to bioengineer epithelial tissues in vitro

25 May 2021

Improving precision medicine strategies with human tissue testing

29 April 2021

Precision medicine for COVID-19 pandemic

03 February 2021

Protocol for immunocytochemistry of stem cells

29 January 2021

StemFit®: Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy for liver cirrhosis [INTERVIEW]

04 January 2021

Five reasons to choose StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Technology

04 December 2020

StemFit®: How to create a renal vascular system in vitro [INTERVIEW]

15 September 2020

What is Translational Science?

11 September 2020

StemFit: iPSCs for corneal epithelial stem cell deficiency [INTERVIEW]

04 September 2020

This light-activated treatment could help patients with peripheral artery disease [INTERVIEW]

01 September 2020

4 Examples of human models of respiratory diseases

03 August 2020

Using 3D culture to improve Caco-2 permeability assays

14 July 2020

CRISPR-Cas9: Big Data, Precision Medicine and Universal Cell Therapy

13 April 2020

How to Characterize the Barrier Properties of Alvetex®-Based Mucosal Models

06 April 2020

How CRISPR-SNIPER compares to other gene editing techniques

01 April 2020

A Visual Guide to CRISPR-SNIPER Gene Editing [INFOGRAPHIC]

30 March 2020

How is Stemchymal® performing in Clinical Trials? [INFOGRAPHIC]

16 March 2020

3 challenges facing the introduction of iPSC-derived therapies

12 February 2020

4 ways stem cells can be used in medical treatments

12 February 2020

5 Benefits of Precision Medicine

07 February 2020

4 reasons human tissues should be used to predict drug bioavailability

29 January 2020

How to estimate drug permeability using the Ussing Chamber technique

22 January 2020

Cost Effective, Lab-scale Spheroid Culture of iPSCs

21 January 2020

4 TED Talks discussing the future of regenerative medicine

19 December 2019

Stem cells offer hope for sufferers of Spinocerebellar Ataxia

08 November 2019

How to mass culture induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)

30 October 2019

Improve Gene-Editing Success with CRISPR-SNIPER Technology

29 October 2019

What are the advantages of an internship to employers?

23 October 2019

Which stem cell reprogramming technology should I use?

17 October 2019

IBDiscovery: Combining patient and drug discovery data to transform healthcare

16 September 2019

What is CRISPR-SNIPER Gene Editing?

02 September 2019

Machine Learning and Big Data in Precision Medicine

08 August 2019

Pluripotent Potential for Clinical Application

25 July 2019

An Improved Model for IBD Drug Discovery

11 July 2019

Advances in diagnostics, treatments, and frontiers of research in IBD

13 June 2019

How Human Organoculture can Improve Precision Medicine Strategies

05 June 2019

Will The Microbiome Become The Next Hot Topic For Cancer Research?

16 May 2019

REPROCELL Solutions for Respiratory Disease Researchers

29 April 2019

Stem Cells for Autism

03 April 2019

Neurite Outgrowth Assays using StemRNA Neuro

20 March 2019

Using human iPSCs as an in vitro model for regenerative medicine and disease modelling

22 February 2019

The gut microbiome in health and disease: the future for diagnosis and treatment of IBD and IBS?

12 February 2019

Tissue Sourcing for the Development of iPSC-derived Disease Models

06 February 2019

REPROCELL Solutions for Gastrointestinal Researchers

25 October 2018

How animal testing is inaccurate and the alternatives

25 May 2018

Human Tissue Testing in Drug Discovery and Development

27 March 2018

Xeno-free culture of stem cells in NutriStem® hPSC XF medium

05 February 2018