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Global Biorepository of Human Tissue Samples

REPROCELL’s global biorepository has more than 600,000 human tissue, serum, DNA, and RNA samples, collected from over 120,000 patients on four continents.

Through this collection, academic and industry researchers have access to a diverse range of human biospecimens in various disease states to meet their research needs.

Our tissue samples are handled in accordance with ethical guidelines and validated protocols employed at all of our sites. Each human tissue sample is snap frozen to preserve mRNA and protein and is matched with unaffected human tissue, as well as DNA and sera from the donor in most cases. RNA is subjected to rigorous quality control (QC) to monitor degradation.


 Each human tissue sample is accompanied with:

  • Detailed demographic information, including family history for three generations
  • Gold standard clinical diagnostic information
  • Complete drug history, including adverse events
  • Full pathology report, including H and E slides
  • Complete phenotypic data

Global biorepository inventory by disease

Human sample types currently in our global biorepository inventory

Human Tissue (Frozen)


All frozen tissue samples are snap-frozen upon collection and stored in liquid nitrogen to preserve the integrity of RNA and proteins. Our human biospecimens inventory includes samples from a wide variety of organs, diseases, cancers and adjacent normal tissue.

Human, Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue (FFPE Samples)


Our inventory contains more than 12,000 FFPE samples from various diseased and adjacent normal tissues.

Human DNA and RNA


DNA samples from a wide range of diseases and conditions including diabetes, carious cardiovascular conditions, obesity, as well as various cancer types such as breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer. In addition, DNA is available from more than 11,000 disease-free individuals, or controls. Our RNA inventory currently consists of more than 1,000 RNAs from freshly frozen, highly annotated tumor and adjacent normal samples.

Human Serum


Serum samples from several disease types and disease-free normal controls, collected by validated protocols established by the FDA and NCI guidelines for biomarker research.

Global Biorepository

Inventory by disease