Bioserve’s Global Biorepository of human tissue samples provides leading academic and industry researchers with access to over 600,000 human DNA, serum and tissue samples linked to detailed clinical and demographic data from 120,000 consented and anonymized patients on four continents. Bioserve’s human tissue samples are stocked and readily available. You can check our list of materials or inquire to see if we have specimens that match your requirements. If no stocked material is available, through our biospecimen partner network of affiliated hospitals, we can initiate a prospective sample collection specific for you.

Bioserve’s preclinical genomic services help researchers identify genetic markers, validate drug targets and correlate clinical and molecular data to accelerate the development of new and safer drugs.

Bioserve’s customers include nearly every major pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, as well as top industry, academic, and government research institutions.



bioserve-usa-locationThe Bioserve brand of REPROCELL has it origin dating back to 1990. Bioserve was originally founded as an independent company with a business model to establish a commercial biorepository of human clinical samples to support basic research and drug discovery. Acquired by REPROCELL in 2014, Bioserve offices have since become the headquarters of REPROCELL USA, located in Beltsville, MD.

As one of the world’s largest commercial biorepositories of human specimens, under the Bioserve brand, the organization also offers a full suite of preclinical molecular services.



2015 Bioserve offices become REPROCELL USA division headquarters
2014 Bioserve is acquired by REPROCELL, Inc. (Japan)
2012 The Ventyx Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank joins the Bioserve Network
2010 Bioserve Europe founded in August: formed Bioserve Network
2009 Upgraded current facility laboratory space to current 21,000 sq.ft. footprint
2007 Acquired and assets of Genomics Collaborative, Inc. from SeraCare
2007 Relocated Bioserve to Beltsville, Maryland facility
2007 Obtained CLIA certification
2006 Expanded HTP genotyping capabilities with Sequenom iPlex platform
2006 Bioserve India relocates to expanded laboratory facility (14,000 sq.ft.)
2003 Acquired assets of Qiagenomics in Seattle, Washington
2002 Bioserve India founded in Hyderabad, India
2001 Integrated HTP genotyping into services offering (Sequenom technology)
2001 Bioserves renews multiyear contract with NIEHS
2000 Bioserve presents 3 abstracts and mini-seminar on p53 at AACR in Philadelphia
1998 Bioserve integrates realtime PCR platform (ABI) into services offering
1997 Bioserve upgrades to high-through-put DNA synthesizer platforms
1996 Laboratory space expanded from 5,000 sq.ft. to 12,000 sq.ft.
1995 Bioserve secures multi-year contract with NIEHS
1994 Bioserve secures SBIR grants for genetic analysis in prostate cancers
1993 Bioserve secures SBIR grants for sub-typing HPV in oral cancers
1992 Bioserve “graduates” from TAP and re-locates to facility in Laurel, Maryland
1991 Bioserve secures first blanket purchase order agreement with NIH
1990 Bioserve officially incorporated as a business on January 5
1989 Bioserve founded (Oct.7) by NCI researchers with funding from Univ. of Maryland TAP