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Stem Cell, Drug Discovery, and Analytical Services

Our services help stem cell and drug discovery scientists around the world advance their preclinical and clinical research.

Research Stem Cell Services

We have a complete portfolio of services for the reprogramming and differentiation of high-quality induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Our research stem cell services include donor recruitment, target cell isolation, iPSC reprogramming, expansion, characterization, neuronal differentiation, and gene editing. Using our proprietary RNA based technology, our services and products for stem cell scientists are used by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as top academic and government research institutions all around the world.

Clinical Stem Cell Services

With global access to clinical and commercially consented human tissue samples, we can procure the tissues needed for your cell therapy project and perform the necessary viral and donor profile screenings. Our experts use our own RNA based reprogramming technology to generate clinical iPSC Seed Clone Banks using clinical-grade media and reagents compliant with the regulatory standards and guidelines of the FDA, EMA, and PMDA. With our partner Histocell, we can provide clinical mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from your chosen donor or we can source one for you, all performed in compliancy with the regulatory standards. In addition, we can isolate GMP MSC derived secretosomes to move your project forward.

Gene Editing services

Through our collaboration with GenAhead Bio, we provide StemEdit – CRISPR-SNIPER clinical gene editing services. This novel approach to genome modification makes it possible to achieve otherwise challenging mutations such as the insertion of large gene fragments, biallelic mutations, and multiple gene knockouts – all with increased screening efficiency. CRISPR-SNIPER greatly increases the likelihood of project success. Our clinical gene editing service projects include bulk screening for optimal conditions, scheduled cloning, PCR confirmation of transfection and all required QC to ensure your clinically gene edited cells are suitable for cell therapy development.

Precision Medicine Services

Our precision medicine services include our new Pharmacology-AI machine learning platform. Developed in collaboration with IBM and STFC, our automated system rapidly identifies the features driving variation in patient outcomes – streamlining the development of effective patient stratification strategies. Scientists and clinicians with clinical or genomic data can use Pharmacology-AI to identify the key features driving biomarker levels, drug response, or clinical outcome. Our experts can enable IBD researchers to analyze their data via our platform to identify the key ʻomicʼ or clinical features driving differences in drug or biomarker response. We are also developing applications for a number of other organ systems and therapeutic areas.

Preclinical and Drug Discovery CRO

Our GLP contract research services in human tissues have been trusted by the top pharma and biotech companies since 2002. We provide data that is highly predictive of in vivo drug responses by characterising drug safety, efficacy and absorption in human fresh tissues or bioengineered human tissues, de-risking later clinical trials. Through our extensive clinical networks in the USA and the UK, we have ready access to healthy and diseased human living tissues and organs. We also offer a range of assays in human bioengineered tissue models built on our Alvetex® platform, including models of IBD, skin and IPF, and can create custom assays for your drug discovery programs.

Clinical Laboratory Services

Our integrated network of central laboratories can support your clinical trial sample processing needs across three continents, from our accredited laboratories in the USA, UK, India, and Japan. Our GLP/GCLP and ISO compliant systems are operational 24/7. We offer a range of options including kit preparation, logistics, biospecimen processing and storage, biomarker discovery, and testing. We can coordinate, process, test, and analyze a range of fresh human biospecimens to meet the demands of your clinical research.

Human Tissue Samples

Our global biorepository of human tissue samples provides leading academic and industry researchers with access to over 600,000 human DNA, serum and tissue samples linked to detailed clinical and demographic data from 120,000 consented and anonymized patients on four continents. Customers of our human tissue samples and related molecular services include nearly every major pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, as well as top industry, academic, and government research institutions.

Genomic Services

We have more than two decades of experience in extracting nucleic acids from a wide variety of starting materials. We have a large capacity to isolate different nucleic acids from a range of biospecimens, including blood, solid tissues, swabs, and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded blocks. Our preclinical genomic services include DNA and RNA extraction, biomarker discovery and validation, real-time PCR, and next generation sequencing.

NEW in 2024: following expansion, Bioserve India (part of the REPROCELL Group) is now offering its oligonucleotide services worldwide.

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