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Kit Preparation and Shipment 

Customised to meet the complex demands of your clinical trial

At REPROCELL, our team will work with you to prepare biospecimen collection kits and materials, schedule courier uplifts and shipping conditions that best suit the unique requirements of your project.


Biospecimen Collection Kit

Sample collection kits are an essential component to maintaining the integrity of the trial process, ensuring specimen collection consistency across trial sites.  Attention to content detail, delivery, and ease of use can make a significant difference to complex studies or protocols.  We can prepare and provide bespoke protocol and visit-specific kits to meet your individual needs.

  • Custom built to suit individual protocols
  • Materials for sample collection and shipping included
  • Instructions for sample collection, data collation, and shipment packing provided
  • Instruction for kit re-supply; typically shipped within 1 week of request
  • Range of temperature options for sample package
  • Daily project manager support

patient being tested with a swab

Shipment Logistics

Transporting biospecimens from the trial site to the central laboratory facility whilst meeting the stability criteria of each biospecimen requires a reliable and efficient courier relationship.  Over the past 20 years, we have  developed relationships with a range of speciality couriers to enable safe, secure and reliable transport for all of our fresh tissues samples from around the globe.  

  • Selected to suit protocol and sample needs
  • A range of transit temperature options
  • Monitored by our logistics team
  • Contingency plans in the face of local disruption