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Research Stem Cell Services

A complete portfolio of services for the reprogramming and differentiation of high-quality iPSCs

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REPROCELL Stemgent™ – the stem cell experts

Our broad range of products and services for stem cell scientists are used by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as top academic and government research institutions all around the globe.

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REPROCELL’s Research Stem Cell Services

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Comprehensive iPSC Services

  • Quality reprogramming – Using our exclusive Stemgent StemRNA™ 3rd Gen Reprogramming technology, we can generate stable, virus-free, xeno-free, iPSCs from human skin or urine.
  • Relevant patient tissues – Our clinical partnerships enable access to fresh normal or diseased tissues to establish quality iPSCs.
  • Custom iPSC characterization – Our scientists provide custom characterization services, including immunocytochemistry, karyotyping, and directed differentiation.
  • Unique differentiation capabilities – We can generate differentiated, functional cells suitable for commercial or research purposes, including sensory and dopaminergic neurons.
  • Enhanced gene-editing – We are the only iPSC company with exclusive access to GenAhead Bio®’s CRISPR-SNIPER technology to generate custom disease models.


Bespoke Research Projects

Our expert scientists can design a bespoke project to complement your unique research needs. With a dedicated study director to guide you through each experimental milestone, you can rest assured that REPROCELL will provide the cells you need – giving you more time to focus on research.

  • Expert support from a study director based in America or Asia
  • Flexible project customization and fair value
  • Perpetual technical support regarding your cell line and its performance
  • Customized optimization of culture conditions, and protocols
  • Ethically sourced human tissues obtained through our clinical alliances
  • Cryopreserved iPSCs sent to your lab – following establishment and expansion by our specialist team

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Fair Value

All REPROCELL projects are milestone-based, meaning you are guaranteed fair value and flexible customization of your chosen services.

At REPROCELL all projects are worth considering – no matter the size or complexity. And with service laboratories based in the USA and Japan it is easier than ever to receive support from our teams. Armed with REPROCELL’s extensive experience in stem cell research, our scientists are dedicated to fulfilling your research needs.

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