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Target Cell Isolation

Access to fresh patient tissue samples is essential for primary cell line establishment. However, tissue sourcing can become challenging if you require donors of a specific ethnicity, sex, disease state, age or genetic background. Through our clinical partnerships, REPROCELL can recruit donors from a range of patient populations, collect viable biospecimens, and then prepare primary cell lines for you — giving you more time to focus on research.



Figure 1: Our scientists can derive induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) from skin, blood and even urine. (A.) Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) from fresh peripheral blood, cord blood or cryopreserved EPCs. (B.) Adult dermal and neonatal fibroblasts from fresh skin biopsy or cryopreserved fibroblasts (C.) Urine-derived Progenitor Cells (UPCs) from fresh human urine or cryopreserved UPCs.

Dynamic, Custom Reprogramming

REPROCELL Discovery Services use StemRNA™ technology to convert primary cell lines into high quality iPSCs. This footprint-free technology has been optimized for reprogramming of three distinct human cell types, including blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells, fibroblasts and urine-derived progenitor cells. Regardless of the original biospecimen source for primary cell line establishment, the difference between the quality of the derived iPSC is negligible (Figure 2 below).



Figure 2. We can attain adherent primary cell-line from urine and blood using in vitro derivation. (A.) EPCs derived from blood, day 16, passage one. (B.) Fibroblasts derived from skin biopsy, day 21, Passage one. (C.) UPCs derived from urine, day 15, passage two.

Service you can trust

Our proprietary protocols for shipping and establishing primary cell lines are optimized for high efficiency and are strictly confidential. Each project is also customized to fulfill your unique research requirements and includes a dedicated study director who can be consulted throughout the duration of your project. As part of the stem cell service package, we will also supply you with frozen vials of the original primary cell-line to keep as a reference material.

We are also more than happy for customers to send us their own biospecimens for reprogramming by our expert scientists. This will usually cost less than a full-service project that includes primary cell line establishment. To find out more about our iPSC projects, contact an expert today.