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Improving human health through biomedical innovation and discovery

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Human Tissue Biorepository

Access a range of ethically obtained human biomaterials from our industry-leading biorepository.

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Stem Cell Services

We can support your stem cell research at any stage with our preclinical and clinical services.

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Stem Cell and 3D Cell Culture Products

Quality research-grade products from our Stemgent and Alvetex brands.

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Human Fresh Tissue Assays

Discover the power of human fresh tissue testing and accelerate your drug discovery pipeline.

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Preclinical Genomic Services

An extensive range of molecular services to accelerate the development of new drugs and diagnostics.

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Gene Editing

With our CRISPR-SNIPER gene editing service, you can eliminate unfeasible modifications earlier.

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Better Translating Discoveries into Therapies

REPROCELL is a contract research organization, providing a unique combination of products and services to power your translational research. With scientists and laboratories on three continents, we have the human fresh tissue and iPSC expertise to better translate your discoveries into therapies.

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Our Services

Stem Cells

There are many technical challenges in generating and manipulating stem cells. Whether you are struggling with cell procurement, generation, or modification, REPROCELL (Stemgent) experts can design a flexible project to assist you at any stage in your research.

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Predictive Drug Discovery

90% of drugs fail clinical trial due to poor preclinical predictions of their efficacy, safety and toxicology in humans. REPROCELL (Biopta) can improve clinical success by generating translational data from human tissues earlier in the drug discovery process – saving time and money.

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3D Cell Assays

Two-dimensional cell models lack the complexity of the in vivo environment, leading to misleading preclincal results. REPROCELL (Alvetex) can improve the physiological accuracy of your cell culture with award-winning Alvetex 3D Scaffold technology.

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Human Tissue Samples

Accessing human tissue for research can be complicated and time-consuming. REPROCELL (Bioserve) can provide a fuss-free collection service customized to your research needs.

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Preclinical Genomics

REPROCELL (Bioserve) has a whole suite of accurate and cost-effective preclinical molecular services including DNA and RNA extraction.

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Gene Editing

Many researchers decide to outsource their CRISPR editing projects because the workflow is tedious. With a 97% success rate, REPROCELL (Stemgent) can provide the modified cells you require – just tell our experts what edit you require.

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Precision Medicine

Many widely prescribed drugs are not effective in the majority of patients. At REPROCELL, we aim to provide a more powerful predictive model for drug development.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

High quality

“Biopta [REPROCELL] has provided Proteon with high quality data in human tissue to guide dose selection for human clinical trials. The information has been extremely valuable in demonstrating the potential benefit of PRT-201 in patients needing hemodialysis access or treatment of peripheral arterial disease.”

— Senior Vice President and CMO, Proteon Therapeutics Inc

Very impressed

“Successful genome editing requires significant expertise in many areas. Your company has a deep understanding of them. Our team are very impressed.”

— CRISPR-SNIPER gene editing client


“For human fibroblast reprogramming, the StemRNA 3rd Gen RNA Reprogramming System is outstanding for efficiency and clinical relevance.”

— Dr. Marco Poleganov, Head of Stem Cells and Reprogramming, BioNTech RNA