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REPROCELL News and Events

Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting
23-26 September 2019 / Barcelona, Spain
Join us in Barcelona at Booth 902.

Merck Technology Symposium
23-24 September 2019 / Ocean Place Resort and Conference Center, Long Branch NJ, USA
REPROCELL Europe’s CEO Dr David Bunton will be giving a talk on “Big data and human fresh tissue research: a strategy for early patient stratification”. Other REPROCELL specialists will also attend. And please visit us at Booth 414.

“Xcelerate Festival” Biotech Week, Boston
11 September 2019 / Boston, MS, USA
REPROCELL’s Dr Frederique Tholozan (Business Development Manager for Human Tissue Assays and iPSCs Services for Drug Discovery, Eastern USA) will attend. Come and meet with Fred!

Bio-Trac Gene Editing iPSC Workshops
22-23 August 2019 / Montgomery College, MD, USA
REPROCELL Stemgent’s Dr Robert Annand will be giving one of the workshop sessions. Other REPROCELL sales scientists will also attend.

Announcement: Market Research Updates has released a report about New Developments with Operational Updates in Cryogenic Biobanking Services Market with top leading players
29 April 2019
The report covers and analyzes the Cryogenic Biobanking Services market and its major vendors, including REPROCELL’s brands in this space, the companies formerly known as BioServe and Stemgent.

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Headaches could have impaired the success of potential cancer drug AMG 337; human tissue studies rescued it
12 August 2019
Drug AMG 377 nearly failed clinical trials due to headaches in participants. Human Tissue Research discovered a solution - read on to find out more.

Machine Learning and Big Data in Precision Medicine
8 August 2019
In combination with precision medicine, machine learning can accelerate the drug discovery process to cut costs, reduce errors and gain faster approvals.

Pluripotent Potential for Clinical Application
28 July 2019
Clinical use of iPSCs would transform regenerative therapy, precision medicine, and drug development. Here are some key advancements of the last 12 years.

An Improved Model for IBD Drug Discovery
11 July 2019
Reducing attrition rates in the drug discovery process can be achieved by replacing the conventional animal model with fresh human tissues.

Application of Pharmacogenomics and Bioinformatics to Exemplify the Utility of Human ex vivo Organoculture Models in the Field of Precision Medicine
5 June 2019
REPROCELL has used diseased tissue ethically acquired from patients suffering from COPD to investigate inter-patient variability in drug efficacy.


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