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Appointment of New Distributor in Thailand
4 November 2019
The REPROCELL group has signed a non-exclusive distributorship agreement with A.N.H. Scientific Marketing Co. Ltd. to distribute REPROCELL’s products and services in Thailand.

Lantern Pharma Selects REPROCELL Inc. to Provide Preclinical Screening and Biomarker Discovery Services for Portfolio of Targeted Oncology Drugs
29 October 2019
Lantern Pharma announced today that it has selected REPROCELL to provide preclinical screening and drug sensitivity work for its portfolio of oncology drugs.

PRESS RELEASE: REPROCELL and NeuCyte enter distribution agreement in North America and Europe
25 September 2019
Yokohama, Japan, & San Carlos, California, USA — REPROCELL, Inc., and NeuCyte, Inc., today announced a new distributorship.

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AACR Annual Meeting 2020
24-29 April 2020 / San Diego, CA, USA
REPROCELL/BioServe will join 20,000 cancer scientists from around the world. REPROCELL's Terri Lehman, Duncan Liew, and Rachna Goyal will be in attendance. Visit us at our Booth 3553.

BIO International Convention
8-11 June 2020 / San Diego, CA, USA
REPROCELL will join 17,000 life science and pharma leaders for a week of technical discussions, partnering, and networking. Visit us at the Scottish Pavilion Booth.

ISSCR Annual Meeting 2020
24-27 June 2020 / Boston, MA, USA
REPROCELL will be at the largest stem cell meeting in the world. Stop by our Booth 914 and meet REPROCELL team to learn about our CRISPR-SNIPER Technology and clinical-grade iPSC services.

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Cost Effective, Lab-scale Spheroid Culture of iPSCs
21 January 2019
New small scale bioreactors for culturing iPSC spheroids fill the niche between standard culture plasticware and large scale options.

4 TED Talks discussing the future of regenerative medicine
19 December 2019
Planning ICC projects can be challenging as it requires careful selection of compatible antibodies, fluorochromes and blocking reagents.

How to Characterize Stem Cells using Immunocytochemistry
2 December 2019
Planning ICC projects can be challenging as it requires careful selection of compatible antibodies, fluorochromes and blocking reagents.

How SynFire® Technology can benefit your research
26 November 2019
In celebration of our distributorship with NeuCyte, REPROCELL catches up with NeuCyte’s Head of Neuroscience, Dr Daniel Haag, to discuss the benefits of SynFire technology.

Stem cells offer hope for sufferers of Spinocerebellar Ataxia
8 November 2019
Spinocerebellar ataxias (SCAs) are a group of inherited, genetically heterogeneous disorders which are characterised by ocular motor abnormalities, cognitive dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy and progressive cerebellar ataxia.

How to mass culture iPSCs in suspension
30 October 2019
In order to fully realize the potential of iPSCs for many of the above applications, there is a requirement to generate a vast number of cells; hence, an effective method of mass culture of iPSCs is highly sought after by iPSC researchers.

Improve your gene-editing success with CRISPR-SNIPER technology
29 October 2019
The discovery of both CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) and associated proteins, the Cas nucleases, has revolutionized the field of gene-editing.

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