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REPROCELL News and Events

Upcoming Event: World Preclinical Congress / World Pharma Week
17-20 June 2019 / Boston, MA, USA
Do you want to improve the predictivity of your preclinical drug development pipeline? Come and talk to Tim, Bob and Fred about how REPROCELL’s Human Biosamples, Gene Sequencing, Molecular Diagnostics, iPSC Reprograming and Differentiation, CRISPR Gene Editing , 3D Cell Models and Human Tissue Assays for Drug Absorption, Efficacy and Safety can help. We look forward to seeing you at Booth 429.

Upcoming Event: Applying AI in Drug Discovery and Development
19 June 2019 / Barcelona, Spain
REPROCELL Europe will be attending this Biotech Breakfast event in the British Consolate, Barcelona.

Upcoming Event: ISSCR Annual Meeting 2019
26-29 June 2019 / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Come visit REPROCELL at the largest stem cell meeting in the world — we will be at Booth 515. And be sure to visit posters F-3201 and F-3204 to learn about our science.

Announcement: Market Research Updates has released a report about New Developments with Operational Updates in Cryogenic Biobanking Services Market with top leading players
29 April 2019
The report covers and analyzes the Cryogenic Biobanking Services market and its major vendors, including REPROCELL’s brands in this space, the companies formerly known as BioServe and Stemgent.

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An Improved Model for IBD Drug Discovery
11 July 2019
Animal models have been used for years to provide proof of concept for new therapies, however there are major flaws which need to be addressed.

Application of Pharmacogenomics and Bioinformatics to Exemplify the Utility of Human ex vivo Organoculture Models in the Field of Precision Medicine
5 June 2019
REPROCELL has used diseased tissue ethically acquired from patients suffering from COPD to investigate inter-patient variability in drug efficacy.

Will The Microbiome Become The Next Hot Topic For Cancer Research?
16 May 2019
Understanding the effects of microbes on the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs would take us a step closer to effectively treating patients, with reduced side effects.

Tissue Spotlight: Lung
29 April 2019
REPROCELL is leading the way in the provision of biologically relevant custom drug-discovery assays to aid researchers in lung diseases.

Stem Cells for Autism
3 April 2019
In this post, we highlight recent advancements in stem cells as treatment and study of autism to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day (2 April 2019).

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