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Whole Blood Processing

Primary Cell Derivation Services

Many CROs provide human peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) isolation services, but only a few can offer additional downstream processing options.

By choosing REPROCELL for your whole blood processing, you are guaranteed:

  • An expert outsourcing partner for your sample processing needs
  • GLP/GCLP blood processing services - working to inhouse or client provided standard operating procedures
  • A year round 24/7 BSL2 laboratory capacity
  • Sample processing performed by trained and experienced staff
  • Capability to process a range of blood tube types and anti-coagulants
  • Additional services to meet your unique clinical requirements

Whole Blood Processing

Our scientists can process blood samples to generate mononuclear cells with high viability and purity, plasma, or serum. Working to GCLP standards, we are able to derive high-quality mononuclear cells from whole blood using low-ionic-strength diluents and density gradient centrifugation methods.

In addition, we provide controlled-rate PBMC freezing in a low-endotoxin, serum-free and/or xeno-free cryopreservation medium to preserve optimal cell viability and function upon thaw. Plasma or serum fractions can also be collected, aliquoted and stored to meet client-specific requirements.

Blood centrifuge PBMC

Infographic: PBMC Processing 


Whole blood for processing

Whole blood sample

Pipette containing diluted blood Overlaying the diluted blood onto density gradient medium (DGM)
Arrow pointing down
Arrow pointing right


Whole blood plus density gradient media

Diluted blood layered on density gradient medium

Cycling arrows denoting centrifugation Density gradient centrifugation
Arrow pointing down


Fractionated whole blood after centrifugation

Separation of diluted blood into 4 distinct layers

Pipette containing ‘buffy coat layer’ with PBMCs Collection of the ‘buffy coat layer’ with PBMCs
Arrow pointing right
Arrow pointing left


Isolated PBMCs are washed

Preparation of PBMC suspension

Water drops denoting washing Cycling arrows denoting centrifugation Washing with centrifugation
Arrow pointing down


PBMC pellet and buffer after washing

Washing of PBMC isolate

Manually operated cell counter Manual cell counting and calculation of the cell yield
Arrow pointing down
Arrow pointing right


Diagram showing counting of PBMCs with a hemacytometer

Total cell number, viability and PBMC yield records

Snowflake denoting freezing process Controlled-rate PBMC freezing
Arrow pointing down


Isolated PBMCs are labelled and frozen down to 150 Celsius

Labelling and cryopreservation

Thermometer showing minus 150 degrees C Transferring of cryovials to liquid nitrogen (LN2)
Arrow pointing down
Arrow pointing right


Isolated PBMCs are stored in liquid nitrogen long-term

Long term cryostorage of PBMC lots


PBMC and CBMC Processing

Peripheral Blood

Peripheral blood processing to generate PBMC, plasma or serum, is an important first step for a variety of clinical research studies. Investigation of disease associated biomarkers, cellular interactions, immune response mechanisms and pathways etc all require high quality staring materials. to ensure project success. Working to GCLP standards, whole blood processing in our fully equipped BSL2 laboratory is both rapid, and efficient, ensuring minimal degradation and maximal yield.

17JAN22 Adult whole blood sample

Cord Blood

Cord blood-derived mononuclear cells or CBMCs offer ethical and practical advantages over their adult equivalent. Cord blood progenitor cells display higher proliferation potential in cell culture, making them an excellent source for reprogramming to iPSCs. Reduced immunogenicity and the low risk of transmitting infectious diseases or potentially pathogenic microorganisms also make them an attractive option for clinical projects.

17JAN22 Cord blood baby

Additional Services

REPROCELL can access a wide range of donors, derive both human PBMCs and CBMCs, and provide molecular analysis for an additional fee. Our unique integrated set of services can reduce the operating costs and stress of dealing with multiple service providers.

Cell Isolation and Enrichment

PBMC and CBMC encompass a heterogeneous cell population including various frequencies of immune cell subsets and several distinct progenitor types.

Immune Cells:
  • Lymphocytes (T cells, B cells and NK cells)
  • Dendritic cells
  • Monocytes
Progenitor Cells:
  • Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)
  • Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs)
  • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)

17JAN22 Blood centrifuge PBMC

Genomic Services

  • DNA and RNA Extraction: Our scientists can extract nucleic acids from a range of starting materials, including blood, tissue, swabs, FFPE, and cells.
  • RT-PCR and Genotyping: We have general RT-PCR capabilities including identification of genetic variation e.g., SNP genotyping
  • Gene Expression: Qualitative and quantitative targeted gene expression using qPCR and validated probes (between genotypes, treatment groups, cell types)
  • NGS Sequencing: Whole-genome, whole-exome, and RNASeq in partnership with a collaborating certified provider

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07AUG20 pcr molecular biology dna-1

Biomarker and Analytical Services

  • Luminex panels: Any Luminex panel compatible with the Luminex system e.g. chemokine and cytokine panels, T-cell markers, cancer biomarkers, angiogenesis markers, MMPs
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC): Tissue samples formalin-fixed and processed to paraffin block. 1 H&E slide per sample (optional). Target IHC can be performed if required (with or without image analysis).
  • Mass Spectrometry: Quantitative bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS
    Matrix matched calibration curve. Deliverable is test compound concentrations (ng/mL or nM) summarized

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07AUG20 PCR molecular biology hand 96 well plate

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