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Cell Substrates

iMatrix™ by Matrixome®


Clear sterile solution containing human fibronectin (hFN) obtained by affinity purification on gelatine-sepharose from human plasma. Useful for the culture of cells that are not capable of synthesizing their own biomatrix or when culturing cells in serum-free medium.

NP892-011 / NP892-012

iMatrix-511 is a xeno-free, recombinant Laminin-511 E8 Fragment produced in CHO-S cells and used with the StemRNA-3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit (00-0076) to generate iPS cells from fibroblasts, blood or urine.


An alternative iMatrix-511 that is xeno-free, recombinant Laminin-511 E8 Fragment expressed in silkworm for promoting adherence and culture of human iPS cells.

NP892-031 / NP892-032

iMatrix-332 is a highly purified and refined product of human recombinant laminin-332 (E8 fragment) expressed by CHO-S cells. Laminin 332 supports cells in the epithelial basement membranes, lining the surfaces of the body such as the skin, hair follicles, oral cavity, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, lungs, and different glands. 

NP892-041 / NP892-042

iMatrix-411 is a xeno-free, recombinant Laminin-411 E8 Fragment expressed in CHO-S cells. Laminin-411 is found predominantly in the vascular endothelial basement membrane. Stem cells cultivated on iMatrix-411 are robustly induced to differentiate into endothelial progenitor cells.

NP892-061 / NP892-062

iMatrix-221 is a xeno-free, recombinant Laminin-221 E8 Fragment expressed in CHO-S cells. Laminins of the α2-isoform are commonly found in the basal lamina of striated muscle and the predominant form found in adult human heart tissue.

NP892-071 / NP892-072

iMatrix-111 is a highly purified and refined product of human recombinant laminin-111 (E8 fragment) expressed by CHO-S cells. Laminin 111 supports the survival, proliferation, and differentiation of many different cell types in vitro. However, its distribution after birth is restricted to only a few tissues, such as the brain and kidney. 


MatriMix (511) is a 3D culture substrate composed of fibrillar collagen, recombinant human laminin-511 E8 fragment, and hyaluronic acid.