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3D Cell Culture



Alvetex™ 3D Cell Culture Systems

The Alvetex 3D cell culture scaffold is made of highly porous polystyrene – the same material used to make most disposable cell culture plasticware. After coating Alvetex with the extracellular matrix protein of your choice (optional), mammalian cells will adhere and grow on the surface of the device or within the porous matrix, depending upon the device and application.

Alvetex™ Scaffold:

Alvetex™ Strata:

Alvetex™ Tools:

Alvetex™ Starter Kits:

Alvetex™ Perfusion Plate Kits:


KOKEN® Atelocollagen (AteloCell®)

All AteloCell® atelocollagen products by KOKEN® are made from highly purified bovine collagen and supplied in various configurations for a variety of uses. The scaffolds, sponges and membranes are made from purified natural materials and support the 3D growth of mammalian cells.