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The REPROCELL Blog Posts about Stem Cells

Posts about Stem Cells

Editing B2M and CIITA to Create Hypoimmune Cell Lines for Cell Therapy

29 August 2023 • by Sarah Eminli-Meissner, PhD

Recombinant Human Laminins and their Use in Cell Culture

05 January 2023 • by Robert Annand, PhD

Everything you need to know about the REPROCELL iPSC Biobank

30 November 2021 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

How we established an in vitro Parkinson’s Disease model

24 November 2021 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

Our top 10 stem cell culture products

02 July 2021 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

Protocol for immunocytochemistry of stem cells

29 January 2021 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

Five reasons to choose StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Technology

04 December 2020 • by Anca Haralambie, MSc

How CRISPR-SNIPER compares to other gene editing techniques

01 April 2020 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

A Visual Guide to CRISPR-SNIPER Gene Editing [INFOGRAPHIC]

30 March 2020 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

Cost Effective, Lab-scale Spheroid Culture of iPSCs

21 January 2020 • by Robert Annand, PhD

How to mass culture induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)

30 October 2019 • by Chirag Tawde, MSc

Improve Gene-Editing Success with CRISPR-SNIPER Technology

29 October 2019 • by Karen McAulay, PhD

Which stem cell reprogramming technology should I use?

17 October 2019 • by Sarah Eminli-Meissner, PhD

What is CRISPR-SNIPER Gene Editing?

02 September 2019 • by Zara Puckrin, BSc

Stem Cells for Autism

03 April 2019 • by Duncan Liew, PhD

Neurite Outgrowth Assays using StemRNA Neuro

20 March 2019 • by Lyndsey McBroom, PhD

Tissue Sourcing for the Development of iPSC-derived Disease Models

06 February 2019 • by Sarah Eminli-Meissner, PhD

Xeno-free culture of stem cells in NutriStem® hPSC XF medium

05 February 2018 • by Robert Annand, PhD

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