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Differentiated iPSCs and Related Reagents

Stemgent™ by REPROCELL®

StemRNA™ Neuro

StemRNA Neuro are frozen, iPSC-derived human brain cell neurons (wild type) for use in 96-well high throughput and high content neurotoxicity assays and are functional for in vitro neurotoxicity assays and drug discovery. After thawing, StemRNA Neuro cells rapidly differentiate into neurons during in vitro growth and maturation. The neurons form dendritic connections leading to synchronized burst behavior around week 6 in vitro and are responsive to various reference compounds that modulate neuron electrophysiology. Cells expresses multiple neuron-specific markers, indicating a mixed population of neuron types.

Note: StemRNA Neuro was previously known as ReproNeuro (by REPROCELL).


A mixed population of brain-like, iPSC-derived human neurons expressing a wide range of neuronal and synaptic markers. Maturation in Neuro Culture Medium or Neuro MQ Culture Medium is required. Vial contents provide enough cells for an entire 96-well plate.

Brand: StemRNA


Medium for broad cell type maturation of StemRNA Neuro (product # RCDN001), StemRNA Neuro AD-Mutation (RCDN002N), StemRNA Neuro AD-Patient (RCDN003P) before use of the cells in assays.

Brand: StemRNA


Highly functional rat-astrocyte conditioned medium for neuronal cell maturation. Shows elevated microelectrode array (MEA) performance and boosted electrophysiological drug responsiveness.

Brand: StemRNA


Extra-cellular matrix (ECM) coating solution optimized for neuronal cells. Strongly recommended for use with all StemRNA Neuro cell products.