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StemRNA™ Neuro – Human Neurons


Brand: StemRNA

A mixed population of brain-like, iPSC-derived human neurons expressing a wide range of neuronal and synaptic markers. Maturation in Neuro Culture Medium or Neuro MQ Culture Medium is required. Vial contents provide enough cells for an entire 96-well plate.


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StemRNA™ Neuro – Human Neurons RCDN001N 3 × 10⁶ cells $ 809.00 £ 663.00 € 775.00

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Product Information

Note: StemRNA™ Neuro was previously called ReproNeuro.

Wild-type human brain cell neurons for general purpose assays

Frozen human iPSC-derived neurons for 96-well high throughput and high content assays

  • Frozen as a suspension of individualized neuroprogenitor cells
  • Rapidly differentiate into neurons during in vitro growth and maturation
  • Display measurable neuronal function
  • Form dendritic connections leading to synchronized burst behavior around week 6 in vitro
  • Responsive to various reference compounds that modulate neuron electrophysiology
  • Expresses multiple neuron-specific markers, indicating a mixed population of neuron types
  • Two different culture media are available separately

StemRNA Neuro iPS-derived neurons are cryopreserved using REPROCELL's proprietary cryopreservation technology. Thawed and plated StemRNA Neuro cells mature during 2-3 weeks of culture on surfaces treated with Neuro Coat (RCDN201).

Types of ReproNeuro Media

Note that one of the following media is required for proper maturation of the StemRNA Neuro cells:

  • Neuro Culture Medium (RCDN101); standard medium for general purpose assays
  • Neuro MQ Culture Medium (RCDN102); a specialty medium formulated with rat astrocyte supplementation resulting in maximum performance in MEA (multiple electrode array) assays


Stemgent and the StemRNA brand name are trademarks of REPROCELL Inc., Japan.

Product Name: StemRNA Neuro

Catalog Number: RCDN001N

Size: 3 × 10cells (one 96-well plate)

Storage and Stability: Store in liquid nitrogen


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