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Manufacturer: REPROCELL®

The REPROCELL Brand covers media, feeder cells, and ancillary reagents for the feeder-dependent culture of iPSCs.


Manufacturer: REPROCELL®

Alvetex™ 3D cell culture systems are built around scaffold discs comprised of highly porous polystyrene – the same material used to make most disposable cell culture plasticware. After coating Alvetex with the extracellular matrix protein of your choice (optional), mammalian cells will adhere and grow on the surface of the device or within the porous matrix, depending upon the device and application.

Cells grown in Alvetex maintain their in vivo morphology, behaviour and responsiveness within an in vitro model system. Alvetex 3D cell culture systems enable cells to maintain their natural shape and to freely interact with neighbouring cells in 3D so that they function in a more physiologically relevant manner.

(Alvetex™ was formerly manufactured by Reinnervate® Ltd.)


Manufacturer: REPROCELL®

Antibodies and stains for common pluripotency markers.


Manufacturer: REPROCELL® Stemgent™

Human recombinant growth factors that are commonly used in stem cell culture. Stemfactors are highly pure and each lot is functionally tested.


Manufacturer: REPROCELL® Stemgent™

The Stemfect RNA Transfection technology provides high efficiency transfection of a variety of RNAs into a range of cell types.


Manufacturer: REPROCELL® Stemgent™

Stemolecule Small Molecules provide small molecules used a in variety of experiments to inhibit or activate regulatory pathways important for stem cell biology. Each lot of Stemolecules is tested for cytotoxicity and purity. Stemolecules are packaged in convenient sizes to minimize the amount of weighing.


Manufacturer: REPROCELL® (Stemgent™)

StemRNA is REPROCELL’s brand for our RNA reprogramming kits and catalog cells created from the StemRNA Reprogramming Technology.

Other Brands

Other brands svailable in the REPROCELL product catalog:

ABLE® Biott®

Manufacturer: ABLE® Biott®

The ABLE Biott 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System provides a low-shear, uniform-agitation culture environment optimized for suspension cultivation of stem cells. The bioreactor vessels are designed with delta-shaped impellers and a conical shaft, offering ideal spheroid forming culture conditions for iPS cell cultivation and subsequent differentiation in the same flask. Up to six vessels can be used simultaneously on the stirrer platform, which is conveniently placed within a cell culture incubator with the controller box attached to the outside.

This bioreactor system is made by ABLE Corporation (Japan) and is available through their sales channel in the Japanese market. The units available in the USA, UK, Europe, and Japan are identical in design, except for the power cord.


Manufacturer: KOKEN®

The AteloCell atelocollagen products by KOKEN are all made from highly purified bovine collagen and supplied in various configurations for a variety of uses. The scaffolds, sponges and membranes are made from purified natural materials and support the 3D growth of mammalian cells.

Atelocollagen is a truncated, non-immunogenic form of bovine Type 1 collagen (derived from skin), and consequently can be used as a cell growth scaffold for in vitro culture and subsequent in situ implantation into lab animals.


Manufacturer: KOKEN®

The Atelogene In Vivo RNA Transfection Kit provides the necessary materials for in vivo transfection of RNA. The kits are optimized either for systemic use delivered by the blood stream or for localized transfection at the site of injection. Atelocollagen, the main component of AteloGene, forms RNA-atelocollagen complexes upon mixing with synthetic siRNA or miRNA. The RNA-atelocollagen complexes are optimal for in vivo transfection, and siRNA or miRNA is effectively delivered to, and introduced into the cells.


Manufacturer: AGC® (Asahi Glass Company)

EZSPHERE multi-well plates and dishes are made from polystyrene plastic coated with a cell/protein repellent SP polymer. The unique feature of EZSPHERE is the laser etched micro-wells that fill the bottom of every plate or dish. In mammalian cell culture, EZSPHERE is used to generate massive numbers of 3D spheroid cell aggregates such as embryoid bodies. The number and sizes of the spheroids will depend upon the dimensions of the microwells, which are offered in many options.


Manufacturer: Matrixome®

iMatrix Recombinant Human Laminin E8 fragments provide a controlled, reproducible source of matrix for culture of iPSCs and other cell types. The Laminin fragments are expressed in either CHO cells or silk-worms, and the laminin subtype is optimized for various cell types.


Manufacturer: Nippi®

MatriMix™ by Nippi® is a 3D culture substrate composed of a mixture of fibrillar collagen, recombinant human laminin-511 E8 fragment, and hyaluronic acid.


Manufacturer: Sartorius®

Sartorius's NutriCoat Attactment Solution is a clear sterile solution containing human fibronectin (hFN) obtained by affinity purification on gelatine-sepharose from human plasma


Manufacturer: Sartorius®

NutriFreez D10 Cryopreservation Medium (previously called CryoStem Freezing Medium) is a ready-to-use solution for the animal component-free, xeno-free, serum-free cryopreservation of human embryonic stem (ES), induced pluripotent stem (iPS) and mesenchymal stem cells. 


Manufacturer: Sartorius®

NutriStem Culture Medium are a family of fully-defined, xeno-free, low growth factor concentration, feeder-free culture medium for human embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells or Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).


Manufacturer: NeuCyte Labs®

SynFire neurons from NeuCyte Labs are pure and ready-to-use iPSC-derived glutamatergic or GABAergic induced neurons (iNs) and astroglia. This platform most closely resembles real human neurobiology observed in primary cultures, providing the ability to effectively study the function of human neurons in vitro.