ABLE® Biott® Bioreactor Systems

able-500-ml-disposable-bioreactor-p297-201_mediumThe ABLE Biott 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System provides a low-shear, uniform-agitation culture environment optimized for suspension cultivation of stem cells. The 30 mL bioreactor vessel is designed with delta-shaped impellers and a conical shaft, offering ideal spheroid forming culture conditions for iPS cell cultivation and subsequent differentiation in the same flask.


EZ-Open Top Flasks by AGC®

ez-open-top-flask-25-cm2-p298-85_mediumEZ Open Top Flasks from Asahi Glass Company (AGC) are designed for mammalian cell culture with uncoated, biologically compatible plastic surfaces. Made from polystyrene, and supplied ready-to-use, you can increase your cell harvest yields by as much as 6.5% thanks to the unique "peel-away" cover.


Cepallet® Thermal Detachment Cell Culture Plasticware by DIC®


The surface of Cepallet thermal detachment cultureware is optimized for the culture of iPS and ES cells. Hydrophobic at normal growth temperatures, the surface supports the attachment and culture of cells. Lowering the temperature converts the surface to hydrophilic, causing the cells to detach gently, without damage to cells or enzymes.