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Bioserve Partner Network

The procurement of high-quality, well-annotated, and properly consented biospecimen by the research community is complicated, cumbersome, and too often unsuccessful. Academic, government, and industry researchers often pursue fragmented search strategies ranging from inquiries to academic core facilities, perusal of commercial vendor inventories, to establishing collaborations directly with health care practitioners for specimen access.  Each of these approaches has limitations including limited specimen availability, prohibitive costs, or lack of access to appropriate collaborators.

The Bioserve Partner Network is a collaborative model that effectively reduces the complications of specimen procurement.  By uniting the existing inventory and distribution channels of a commercial entity with a diverse range of specimens.  The Network creates a single point of contact for the research community with unparalleled access of over 1.5 million biospecimens.

Advantages of the Bioserve Partner Network:

  • A Collaborative network of leading industry, academic, and medical biospecimen repositories.
  • An effective channel to get under utilized samples to the global research market.
  • An industry leadership platform to set standards, educate, and promote the use of high-quality human biospecimens in research.
  • A one-stop-shop for accessing all your biospecimen requirements.

Ordering Samples from the Bioserve Partner Network

Simply submit a sample request by making an inquiry via our web portal, email, or phone call. When you do, we not only search our in-house inventory of human biospecimens but also the collective Network catalog at the same time. In fact, your order may be fulfilled by a combination of the two. No need to shop around. With our Bioserve Partner  Network, we can fulfill nearly all requests for human biospecimen.

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