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Human Tissue Pharmacology


Preclinical and Drug Discovery CRO

REPROCELL Biopta’s human tissue technology predicts clinical success by using the closest possible model of drug behavior in humans.

Human tissue testing is a translational approach to drug discovery that bridges the gap between animal studies and clinical trials — increasing clinical success rates and adding commercial value to preclinical drug assets through proof of concept in patient-derived living tissues.

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Drug Discovery Assay Catalog

REPROCELL Biopta is home to the world’s first and largest human fresh tissue assay catalog. In this digital platform, you can filter our assays by tissue type, endpoint, receptor, platform technology, drug type, and more.

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Drug Discovery Assay Catalog screen capture

Human tissue assay types

This invaluable information allows you to make ‘go’ or ‘no-go’ decisions with greater confidence, based on human data generated in biospecimens sourced from the target patient population.

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Why use human tissue?

Managing risks and saving money in drug discovery

Human fresh tissue can be used to manage risk and save money across the entire drug discovery pipeline.

How we use human tissue in drug discovery

The Use of Human Fresh Tissues in the Drug Discovery Pipeline

Demonstrating efficacy and safety at every phase of drug discovery

Human fresh tissue can be used in all phases of drug discovery programs, from target validation to clinical trouble shooting.

Drug discovery phases

Drug Discovery Phases

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We are investing in our tissue network to meet the growing safety and efficacy requirements of drug development programs and medicine regulators around the globe.

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