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Neuro Coat


Brand: StemRNA

Extra-cellular matrix (ECM) coating solution optimized for neuronal cells. Strongly recommended for use with all StemRNA Neuro cell products.


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Neuro Coat RCDN201 150 μL $ 135.00 £ 111.00 € 130.00

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Product Information

Neuro Coat (RCDN201) is an optimized blend of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins for coating plastic surfaces being used to culture human neurons. This cocktail of ECM proteins is ideal for StemRNA Neuro cell cultivation, but works with other iPSC-derived neurons, as well.

  • Recommended for use with all StemRNA Neuro cell types and all Neuro medium
  • Provides the proper ECM protein factors for neuro-cell attachment and maturation
  • Supplied as a frozen cocktail (store at −20 °C)
  • Thaw, dilute and apply to polystyrene plastic surfaces (cell culture plates and dishes)
  • Enough material to coat the surface of an entire 96-well plate


Stemgent and the StemRNA brand name are trademarks of REPROCELL Inc., Japan.

Product Name: Neuro Coat

Catalog Number: RCDN201

Size: 150 µL

Storage and Stability: store at −20 °C