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Neuro Culture Medium


Brand: StemRNA

Medium for broad cell type maturation of StemRNA Neuro (product # RCDN001), StemRNA Neuro AD-Mutation (RCDN002N), StemRNA Neuro AD-Patient (RCDN003P) before use of the cells in assays.


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Neuro Culture Medium RCDN101 40 mL (select above) $ 455.00 £ 373.00 € 436.00

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Product Information

Neuro Culture Medium is recommended for plating and maturation of StemRNA Neuro Human iPS cell-derived Neurons (Cat. No. RCDN001N). The medium is formulated to support the culture of human neurons for prolonged periods, promoting morphological and functional integrity and maturation. After about 2 weeks culture in Neuro Culture Medium, StemRNA Neuro cells express biomarkers characteristic of a mixed neuronal brain cell population. The medium is suitable for structural and physiological observations, maintaining heath and viability for 6-8 weeks or longer.

For study of neurons using multi-electrode array (MEA) systems, it is recommended to plate and culture StemRNA Neuro cells in Neuro MQ medium (RCDN102).


Stemgent and the StemRNA brand name are trademarks of REPROCELL Inc., Japan.

Product Name: Neuro Culture Medium

Catalog Number: RCDN101

Size: 40mL

Storage and Stability: Store at −20°C