iMatrix-221 Cardiac and Myoblast Cell Culture Substrate

NP892-061 / NP892-062

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iMatrix-221 is a xeno-free, recombinant Laminin-221 E8 Fragment expressed in CHO-S cells. Laminins of the α2-isoform are commonly found in the basal lamina of striated muscle and the predominant form found in adult human heart tissue.

iMatrix-221's features make it an ideal matrix for some cell culture applications:

  • Xeno-free formulation / CHO-S cell bioproduction
  • Easy to use (liquid format)
  • E8-fragments retain integrin binding specificity and capacity, and display higher potency than natural Laminin-221

iMatrix-221 is a highly purified and refined product of human recombinant laminin-221 (E8 fragment) expressed by CHO-S cells. Laminin-221 is found predominantly in the basal lamina of striated muscle tissues. Expression deficiencies are implicated in muscular dystophy and cardiomyopathies.1

Laminins of the α-2 type are also a predomiant form found in the human adult heart tissue.2 Cultivation of iPSC-drived cardiomyocytes on iMatrix-221 has been demonstrated to maintain strong contractility in attached monolayer culture.3


Product Name: iMatrix-221 Cardiac and Myoblast Cell Culture Substrate

Catalog Numbers:

  • NP892-061
  • NP892-062


  • NP892-061 — 2 × 175 µg
  • NP892-062 — 6 × 175 µg

Molecular Weight: 150 kDa

Purity: > 95 % pure

Formulation: Purified Laminin-221 E8 proteolytic fragment

Storage and Stability: Store at 4 °C and protect from light exposure. Stable for 2 years from manufacturing date.

Quality Control: Activity: Kd for integrin binding

Sterility: Sterile

Notice To Purchaser: REPROCELL is a licensed distributor of Matrixome cell culture substrates to the global market.

Recommended Usage: iMatrix-221 is suitable for use as a substrate for culture of various myoblast cell types, but most notably for cardiomyocytes.

Concentration: 500 µg/mL

Source: CHO-S cell expression

Manufacturer: Matrixome Corporation (Japan)


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