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Biospecimen Storage

Looking to store your biospecimens off-site? We have a range of technology and practices in place to protect your samples.

Whether short-term or longer-term storage is required, ensuring the optimal storage conditions for your clinical research sample is a priority. REPROCELL staff will work with you to choose the best option for your sample and storage needs.

  • Within our secure biospecimen storage facilities we offer a range of temperature storage options including liquid nitrogen, –150°C, and –80°C for the safe and secure storage of your biological samples.
  • Sample management systems are in operation at all sites to ensure that samples are labelled, stored, and tracked appropriately.
  • Our sites operate 24/7 monitoring/continuous alert systems to safeguard your samples at their optimal condition.
  • Backup generators and storage systems are in place to maintain your sample storage conditions in the event of power disruption or mechanical failure.
  • Storage facilities are available across all REPROCELL sites.  These can be utilized as single-site storage options or as duplicate/mirror sites for your more precious and rare biological samples.
  • Biospecimen storage can be integrated as part of an overall study or requested as a stand-alone service. 

To discuss your biological sample storage requirements please contact a member of our team.

The Bioserve Global Biorepository

REPROCELLʼs Bioserve Global Repository is the world's largest commercial human tissue bank, providing researchers with access to over 600,000 DNA, RNA, human tissue, and serum samples derived from over 120,000 patients collected from four continents. Bioserve human tissue samples are consistently handled according to validated protocols established by the FDA/NCI guidelines for biomarker research. All samples are fully consented to for broad genomic and proteomic use and are ethically collected according to HIPAA regulations and IRB-approved protocols.