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RT-PCR Genotyping

For gene expression and allelic discrimination

Gene Expression and Mutation Analysis

  • RNA extractions from PAX gene tubes and various types of tissues can be provided
  • Utilize pre-designed assays from ABI
  • Custom assays can be designed
  • House keeping gene is included with every experiment
  • Several no template controls on every plate
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Raw data can be provided
  • Data analysis can be performed

Real-time PCR measures amplification cycle-by-cycle enables quantitative measurements during the exponential phase of PCR. We utilize latest in the family of real-time PCR instruments by Applied BioSystems – the ViiA7™.

The ViiA 7 system enables a large range of qPCR techniques, including:

TaqMan Assays

Choose from a large menu of predesigned assays for quantitative gene expression or nucleic acid quantitation

This type of analysis is critical to analyze DNA obtained from mouthwash, buccal swabs and cytobrushes because such samples contain substantial amount of bacterial DNA that underestimate the quantitation of human DNA in the sample since it includes the bacterial DNA contribution. For quantitation, REPROCELL utilizes an RNAseP probe that is a single copy human specific probe, so we work with accurate amounts of human DNA.

Mutation Analysis

Measure genomic DNA alterations whether insertions, deletions, or copy number variations.

  • Current capabilities and projects with custom assay needs
  • Pricing
  • List of currently-validated assays
  • Project turnaround time
  • Etc.


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