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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Precision medicine, in particular precision oncology, is highly dependent upon genomic characterization of disease and correlation of such features with the targeting drugs. Tumor and disease genomics enabled by innovative changes in technological platforms has been an important part of the recent era of drug development and clinical trials.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the most widely utilized parallel or deep sequencing technology that has helped the identification of drug targets in the tumor genome and apply such information to interrogating the tumor DNA/RNA. NGS allows simultaneous sequencing of large number of genes for identification of mutations, fusions, and copy number variations. REPROCELL provides NGS services for multiple applications. It provides sequence information of tumor DNA/RNA to patients and physicians to identify druggable targets, and monitoring of response. Less invasive liquid biopsy approach can be used to monitor tumor response to drugs being administered and can be used to change the treatment plan.

REPROCELL NGS services can be used by the pharmaceutical companies for identification and stratification of patients during clinical trials as well use of less invasive liquid biopsy, circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) for obtaining early data on response.

Where required REPROCELL can also provide confirmatory assessment of mutations and other DNA variations using its in-house capabilities. Our expert Ph.D. level team of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians can work with your needs to design and execute your NGS projects.

NGS Offering

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Sequence analysis using off the shelf panels
  • Custom panel design
  • Custom sequence analysis for clinical trials
  • ctDNA isolation
  • ctDNA sequence analysis
  • RNA sequencing (RNAseq)
  • Whole exome sequencing

Off-The-Shelf NGS Panels

  Number of Genes Sample Type
BRCA 1/2 gene sequencing panel 2 Blood and FFPE blocks
Inherited cancer panel 147 Blood
BRCA extended panel (inherited) 15 Blood
Homologous recombination repair genes panel (inherited) 30 Blood and FFPE blocks
Colorectal cancer panel (inherited) 15 Blood and FFPE blocks
Lynch syndrome panel (inherited) 7 Blood
Pancreatic (inherited) 25 Blood
Comprehensive cancer panel 409 FFPE blocks and liquid biopsy (ctDNA)
RNA gene fusion panel (lung cancer) 4 FFPE blocks and liquid biopsy (ctDNA)
Cancer hot spot panel 50 FFPE blocks and DNA
Colorectal and pancreatic cancer panel 24 FFPE blocks and liquid biopsy (ctDNA)
Gastric and esophageal cancer panel 17 DNA
Prostate panel 21 DNA
Bladder Panel 25 DNA and RNA
Lymphoma panel 25 DNA
Melanoma Panel 29 DNA
Immune response panel   DNA
Lung and colon cancer panel 22 FFPE blocks and liquid biopsy (ctDNA)
Oncomine Focus assay panel 52 DNA
Pharmacogenomics panel 40 Blood and buccal swabs