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Cell Isolation and Enrichment

Many biological and clinical workflows require sample preparation to isolate or enrich cell subsets of interest prior to downstream testing or processing. Choosing the optimal enrichment approach can be crucial to the success of a project. With access to high-quality cell selection platforms, REPROCELL can provide comprehensive and tailored cell enrichment and isolation services as a standalone or integrated biospecimen processing option.

Magnetic Cell Isolation

Our magnetic bead-based approaches are applied to heterogeneous cell populations to isolate:

  • Immune Cell Subtypes e.g. T cells, B cells, NK cells, monocytes, macrophages
  • Haematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells

The selection of specific cell types is achieved via immunomagnetic selection (positive) or depletion (negative) of the target population using specific cell surface markers.  The diagram below outlines our magnetic cell isolation process. 

Immunomagnatic labeling of target cells

Immunomagnetic labelling of target cells

External magnetic field is applied
Arrow pointing down
Arrow pointing right
Separation of distinct layers

Separation of distinct layers

Collection of target cells
Arrow pointing down
Arrow pointing right
Separation of target cells

Separation of target cells

Non-Magnetic Cell Selection

Our immunodensity approach is applied directly to fresh whole blood samples to isolate immune cell subsets of interest.  The approach is based on the following:

  • Negative selection
  • Antibody labelling and red blood cell rosetting
  • Integration with a density gradient centrifugation protocol
Adding RosettaSep™ Enrichment Cocktail to a whole blood sample in a Falcon tube

Add RosetteSep™ Enrichment Cocktail and incubate for 20 minutes

Arrow pointing down Arrow pointing right
Layering blood plus enrichment cocktail over density gradient medium in a Falcon tube

Layer over density gradient medium

Arrow pointing down Arrow pointing diagonally bottom left
Centrifuge density separation of whole blood plus enrichment cocktail to obtain enriched cell layer

Centrifuge for 20 minutes

Arrow pointing down Arrow pointing right
Collect enriched cells after centrifugation

Collect enriched cells

We offer cell isolation and enrichment services based on the needs and specific requirements of your biological sample and downstream applications. To discuss your cell subset enrichment requirements please contact our biospecimen processing team.