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StemRNA™ 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit


Brand: StemRNA

The StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit provides the fastest, most efficient method for generating clinically relevant iPS cells using a non-integrating, mRNA-based protocol. This technology supports generating iPSC lines derived from fibroblasts, blood, and urine using one multi-purpose kit.


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StemRNA™ 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit 00-0076 1 kit $ 1,571.00 £ 1,288.00 € 1,504.00

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Product Information

Third Generation RNA Kit for Cellular Reprogramming of Fibroblasts, Blood, and Urine

The latest evolution in Stemgent RNA reprogramming, the StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit (formerly called the StemRNA-NM Reprogramming Kit), combines non-modified RNA and microRNA technology to provide a kit for stem cell researchers with a new level of versatility, simplicity and time savings, enabling cellular reprogramming of human fibroblasts, and cells from blood and now urine for difficult to reprogram patient samples.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible technology generates high-quality human iPS cell lines from multiple target cell types
    Out-of-the-box reprogramming of cells from skin (fibroblasts), blood (endothelial progenitor cells; EPCs) and urine (urine-derived progenitor cells; UPCs)
  • High efficiency, non-integrating reprogramming
    StemRNA-3rd Gen requires a few as four additional reagents. Double stranded microRNAs enhance reprogramming efficiency, providing iPS cells with high efficiency (up to 4% from fibroblasts, up to 3% from EPCs, up to 0.5% from UPCs).
  • Time-saving protocol delivers faster results facilitating higher throughput
    Colonies ready to pick in 10-14 days from fibroblasts and 12-16 days from EPCs or UPCs. No screening needed
  StemRNA-3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit (00-0076)
Feature Fibroblasts Urine (UPCs) Blood (EPCs)
No. wells per kit 9 3 3
No Transfections required 4 6-8 6-8
Days to primary iPS cell colonies 10-14 12-14 12-14
Reprogramming efficiency 2-4% 0.1-0.5% 0.4-3%
Screening Required No No No
Xeno-compatible protocol Yes No No



P7 primary iPS cells derived from UPCs were stained using the StainAlive TRA-1-60 Antibody (Cat. No. 09‑0068) and DAPI after expansion in NutriStem hPSC XF Medium (Cat. No. 01‑0005)


iPS cells derived from fibroblasts using the StemRNA-3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit were cultured on iMatrix-511 (Cat. No. NP892‑011) in NutriStem hPSC XF Medium (Cat. No. 01‑0005) for 7 passages. Magnification: 4x

1536921219StemRNA-NM_timelineTimeline for StemRNA 3rd reprogramming of fibroblasts

Download our StemRNA-3rd Gen Reprogramming Posters:


Stemgent and the StemRNA brand name are trademarks of REPROCELL Inc., Japan.

Product Name: StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit

Catalog Number: 00-0076

Storage and Stability: Store all three kit components at or below −70 °C. Kit components are stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of receipt when stored as directed.

Quality Control: The individual mRNAs are tested for size and integrity. The StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit is functionally validated for successful RNA-based reprogramming of adult fibroblasts, human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs), EPCs, and UPCs. Complete reprogramming of iPS cell colonies is confirmed by expression of pluripotency markers and appropriate colony morphology. All components of the kit are sterile and have tested negative for Mycoplasma spp.

Recommended Usage: For use with associated StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit protocols for generation of iPS cells.

Kit Contents:

  • OKSMNL NM-RNA (Part No. 05-0040), 30 µg, 1 vial
  • EKB NM-RNA (Part No. 05-0041), 20 µg, 1 vial
  • NM-microRNAs (Part No. 05-0042), 15 µg, 1 vial
  1. Poleganov MA; Eminli S; Beissert T; Herz S; Moon J-I; Goldmann J; Beyer A; Heck R; Burkhart I; Roldan DB; Tureci O; Yi K; Hamilton B; Sahin U. "Efficient reprogramming of human fibroblasts and blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells using nonmodified RNA for reprogramming and immune evasion." Human Gene Therapy 26:751 (2015)

Featured Publication

Gagliano O; Luni C; Qui W; Bertin E; Torchio E; Galvanin S; Urciuolo A; Elvassore N. Microfluidic reprogramming to pluripotency of human somatic cells. Nat. Protocols 14:772-737 (2019).

The StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit was used to generate iPSCs from fibroblasts in a microfluidic system that used only 1500 cells in 20 µL of medium. RNA-based reprogramming is ideal for such an application since it does not require extended culture for the elimination of reprogramming vectors.

Additional Publications