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The Bioserve Network: a partner network of biospecimen repositories

REPROCELL’s Bioserve Network is a collaboration of leading academic, medical, and industry biospecimen repositories. By uniting Bioserve’s market distribution channels with exceptional samples from Bioserve’s Global Biorepository and network member inventories, you are ensured of getting the biosamples you need.

About the Bioserve Network

For researchers worldwide, getting high-quality human biospecimens is crucial to the understanding of disease and to the development of new discoveries that ultimately generate novel therapies. But, until now, scientists have struggled to obtain the quality, quantity and type of biospecimens needed for research.

In response, we have created the BioServe Network, a single industrial-scale resource of biosamples.

All network specimens are acquired through IRB-approved collection protocols, complete with HIPAA-compliant informed parameters. Each specimen is eligible for study in the commercial research setting.

We are adamant about transparency. The BioServe Network provides the fullest confidence to our clients to know exactly where and how tissue samples are sourced. Each Network member undergoes extensive due diligence to ensure our clients receive the highest quality samples collected with the gold standard SOPs.

In short, the Bioserve Network is a winning mechanism for all parties – network members, Bioserve, and our clients.

Ordering Samples from the Bioserve Network

Simply submit a sample request by making an inquiry. When you do, we not only search our in-house inventory of human biospecimens but also the collective Network catalog at the same time. In fact, your order may be fulfilled by a combination of the two. No need to shop around. With our Bioserve Network, we can fulfil nearly all requests for tissue samples.