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COVID-19 Related Specimens

Note: the majority of patients have donated multiple samples.

Nasal Swabs
Nasal swabs (Tested - COVID-19 positive) > 1500 samples
Nasal swabs (Tested - COVID-19 negative) > 5000 samples
Biofluids – With Active infection
Serum > 1000 samples
Plasma – EDTA, Na-Hep, Li-Hep, Citrated > 1000 samples
Whole blood > 1000 samples
Longitudinal Serum > 50 samples
Urine > 50 samples
Biofluids – Recovered Patients
Convalescent plasma  > 200 subjects
Convalescent plasma – longitudinal collection  >150 subjects
Biofluids – Healthy Controls (untested – Pre-2019)
Serum from healthy subjects collected before 2019 > 7000 samples
Plasma from healthy subjects collected before 2019 > 1000 samples

Additional information

  • All the samples (except healthy controls) have been tested using FDA approved SARS-CoV-2 test kits:
    • Swabs – BD UTV or equivalent: tested using BioFire Respiratory 2.1 with SARS-CoV-2.
    • Biofluids – Abbott RT-PCR test kit or equivalent; Eagle Biosciences IgG ELISA test kit or equivalent
  • Comprehensive, de-identified, covariate data such as age, gender, symptom onset date in addition to complete diagnostic and treatment is available.
  • Inventory is very fluid and sample numbers may change very fast. We are continuously accruing samples and also working with several Diagnostic and drug discovery companies to enable their research through sample provision.
  • Access to additional samples and longitudinal data are available for some custom programs.

Global Biorepository

Inventory by disease