Bioserve India to sponsor webinar hosted by the Society of Fetal Medicine

15 September 2021

REPROCELL signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement with TEXCELL to boost its GMP iPSC - Master Cell Bank Manufacturing Service

2 September 2021   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL signs MSA with TEXCELL for Master Cell Bank Manufacturing

18 August 2021

Appointment of New Distributor in Russia

9 August 2021   Life Sciences

REPROCELL highlights the power of human fresh tissue in global publication

5 July 2021   Drug Discovery

REPROCELL's solution for GMP iPSC development - Seed iPSC Manufacturing Suite

29 June 2021   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL Launch New Testing Service for Identification of the Indian (Delta) Covid-19 variant

21 June 2021

Completion of administration of Stemchymal to all enrolled patients in phase II clinical trial in Japan

24 May 2021   Clinical Capabilities

VIROCLINICS-DDL announces renewal of collaboration agreement with REPROCELL

18 May 2021   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL will participate at the  Biotechgate Digital Partnering Event.

21 April 2021   Life Sciences

19 April 2021 – Bioserve Biotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd. launches clinical oncology diagnostic services in India.

19 April 2021   Clinical Capabilities

Launch of New Testing Service of Identification for Covid-19 Variants

8 April 2021   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL collaborates with Blacktrace Holdings in the sales of Nadia series, single-cell analysis system, in Japan

22 March 2021   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL Regenerative Medicine Center officially certified as a manufacturing facility for cell culture products

17 March 2021   Clinical Capabilities

Hoth Therapeutics Executes Partnership Agreement with REPROCELL to Assess the Effect of HT-003 Therapeutic Platform on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

15 March 2021   Drug Discovery

Bioserve Biotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd. launches NIPT clinical services in India

11 March 2021   Clinical Capabilities

New publication on RNA reprogramming of endothelial progenitor cells to make clinically -relevant iPSCs

1 March 2021   Stem Cells

REPROCELL launches PCR Testing Service for COVID-19

1 March 2021   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL completes patient registration for phase II clinical trial of regenerative therapeutic Stemchymal®

25 February 2021   Clinical Capabilities

Axion BioSystems makes REPROCELL a distributor of its Maestro systems and consumables

16 February 2021   Stem Cells

REPROCELL launches personalized iPSC production service alongside new B2C website for "Personal iPS" customers

17 December 2020   Clinical Capabilities

REPROCELL Becomes VIP Supplier on Biotech Marketplace

10 December 2020

REPROCELL and VIROCLINICS-DDL Launch New Collaboration in Clinical Research

17 August 2020   Clinical Capabilities

eTheRNA-led international consortium starts preclinical studies of cross-strain protective COVID-19 mRNA vaccine for high risk populations

16 July 2020   Drug Discovery

REPROCELL announce the launch of StemRNA™ Entero human iPSC-derived intestinal epithelial cells

15 July 2020   Stem Cells

REPROCELL’s Personal iPS Service is Launched in Japan

15 July 2020   Clinical Capabilities

PRESS RELEASE: ABLE Biott Bioreactors now available in Europe

30 March 2020

Phase II clinical trial of regenerative medicine product Stemchymal® -  Recruitment of first patient

28 February 2020   Clinical Capabilities

Prof Stefan Przyborski to give Keynote Address at this year’s SMi 3D Cell Culture Conference

13 February 2020

Patients with IBD absorb drugs differently from healthy individuals

16 January 2020

REPROCELL can now predict oral bioavailability in fresh IBD tissue

14 January 2020

Early understanding of pharmacology and genomics can improve precision medicine strategies

23 December 2019

Lantern Pharma Selects REPROCELL Inc., for Drug Screening and Biomarker Discovery Services

13 November 2019

Appointment of New Distributor in Thailand

4 November 2019

REPROCELL Receives MSCRF Grant to Accelerate Stem Cell Drug Discovery Capability for Enabling Neuronal Disease Research and Drug Development

25 October 2019

PRESS RELEASE: REPROCELL and NeuCyte enter distribution agreement in North America and Europe

25 September 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Axion BioSystems make REPROCELL a product distributor

28 August 2019

PRESS RELEASE: ABLE Biott Bioreactors now available in Europe

22 August 2019

REPROCELL Launches cGMP suite in Kawasaki to Accelerate Development of iPSC-derived Glial Progenitors for treatment of CNS disorders

13 May 2019

REPROCELL and Hanugen to custom manufacture clinical grade oligos for gene therapy

24 April 2019

REPROCELL USA Inc. Achieves Quality Management ISO9001:2015 Certification

8 April 2019

UK Government’s science and innovation audit highlights REPROCELL’s work in precision medicine

14 March 2019

REPROCELL join Medicines Discovery Catapult’s Virtual R&D network to accelerate drug development

12 March 2019

REPROCELL Inc. forms joint venture with Fox Chase Cancer Center to begin operations on biosample repositories

28 February 2019

Appointment of New Distributor in China

1 February 2019

ROSLINCT and REPROCELL awarded £1.2 million from Innovate UK for clinical-grade stem cell production

10 October 2018

REPROCELL announces the launch of a cutting-edge iPS cell genome editing service utilizing next-generation CRISPR/Cas9 technology: SNIPER

9 October 2018

Steminent Announces Japan partner REPROCELL has PMDA Approval of CTN for Phase II Trial of Stemchymal® SCA in the Treatment of Spinocerebellar Ataxia in Japan

1 August 2018

Human Tissue Experts REPROCELL Launch New Customized Primary Cell Isolation Services

21 June 2018

REPROCELL’s footprint extends to serve life sciences in India

13 June 2018

Acquisition of BioServe Biotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd.

26 April 2018

REPROCELL’s Dr David Bunton on April 2018 Trade Mission to China with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

18 April 2018

Derek Mackay, SNP Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, visits REPROCELL Europe, Glasgow

6 April 2018

REPROCELL’s David Bunton addresses the Scottish Parliament

21 March 2018

REPROCELL’s Prof Stefan Przyborski to chair the SMi 2nd Annual Conference on 3D Cell Culture – London UK, 21-22 February 2018

24 January 2018

Formation of human tissue to improve drug testing and reduce animal research

19 January 2018

REPROCELL Launches New Global Website

15 January 2018

REPROCELL Announces Research Collaboration with Q Therapeutics and Dr Mahendra Rao

29 November 2017

REPROCELL Chooses Science Exchange as the Preferred Partner to Increase Accessibility of its Predictive Drug Discovery Services

8 November 2017

Article by Dr David Bunton (co-authored) in the European Pharmaceutical Review, Autumn 2017

27 September 2017

Nicola Sturgeon: interview at the official opening of REPROCELL’s Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery (YouTube video)

10 August 2017

Press Release: Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, opens REPROCELL European Headquarters in Glasgow

10 August 2017

REPROCELL and Fox Chase Cancer Center Partner to Open Multi-Site Biosample Repository in India

24 May 2017

REPROCELL and Fox Chase Cancer Center Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Biomarker and Genetic Discovery

13 April 2017

REPROCELL Europe’s CEO Dr David Bunton presented at NC3Rs workshop: Human tissue models for cancer research

3 March 2017

REPROCELL Inc CEO meets with Scottish Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop in Japan

14 February 2017

Scottish Enterprise Association Honours REPROCELL with Annual Awards Nomination

7 February 2017

Prof Stefan Przyborski to chair the SMi Group’s 3D Cell Culture 2017 Conference (22-23 Feb)

13 January 2017

Notice of formation of contract with Healios K.K. for testing services for regenerative pharmaceutical products

22 November 2016

Notice of formation of contract with FANCL Corp. for human iPS cell-derived model cell development

16 November 2016

Announcement on the initiation of a new business from the collaboration and commercialization agreement with Steminent Biotherapeutics Inc. for cell therapy

11 November 2016

REPROCELL Europe wins CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016 for Alvetex

16 September 2016

Prof Stefan Przyborski speaking at BBS 2016 Biennial Meeting

6 July 2016

REPROCELL Europe’s (formerly Reinnervate’s) CSO Prof Stefan Przyborski to give an Alvetex Seminar at the University of Oxford, 24 May 2016

20 May 2016

Latest Proteon and Biopta publication demonstrates Proteon's Vonapanitase effects in human cephalic veins

13 May 2016

Proteon and Biopta publication shows promising nonclinical results on Proteon's Vonapanitase

21 April 2016

Reinnervate Ltd wins Corporate Vision’s 2015 Technology Innovator Award for Alvetex

22 March 2016

Alvetex in Space

14 January 2016

REPROCELL acquires Biopta to expand its drug discovery services

25 November 2015

Biopta co-authors research in the European Respiratory Journal

18 November 2015

Publication of Paper on “3D culture model construction of mouse neurons” in Neuroscience Letters

18 November 2015

A Joint Development with the National Cancer Center Information Regarding the Sale of “ReproHP Medium,” a Culture Fluid for Human Primary Liver Cells with High Levels of Functionality

16 November 2015

Notice of Passage of Examination for United States Patent Application Concerning Amplification Method of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

4 November 2015

REPROCELL announces publication of a research report on “3D Skin Model Construction,” submitted to the International Scientific Journal “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics” by REPROCELL and others

19 October 2015

The REPROCELL Group announces publication of a paper on its state-of-the-art RNA Reprogramming technology in Human Gene Therapy, an international journal

14 October 2015

Joint Announcement with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Notification of the Beginning of Sales of StemFIT® AK02N High-Performance Culture Solution for Regenerative Medicine Use Human iPS Cells

24 September 2015

REPROCELL concludes license agreement with Keio University for the exclusive sale of myocardial cells derived from disease-type (long QT syndrome, a congenital heart disease) iPS cells

8 September 2015

Announcement: New High Performance Cryopreservation Solution – ReproCryo DMSO Free

26 August 2015

Announcement of Award for Prototype Development of Large-Scale Production on Human-iPSC derived Cardiomyocytes

14 August 2015

Diseased neurons derived from iPS cells of Alzheimer’s disease patients Initiation of sales of “ReproNeuro AD-patient”

29 July 2015

Announcement: sales commencement of “ReproNeuro MQ Medium”, a cell culture kit which enables the creation of high-functioning nerve cells derived from human iPS cells

21 July 2015

Announcement of Award for Prototype Development of a Liver Cell Kit

1 July 2015

Stemgent, a REPROCELL Group Company Announces a New High Performance Self-replicative RNA Reprogramming Kit

30 June 2015

REPROCELL Concludes the License Agreement with Keio University for the Exclusive Sale of Disease (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) Type Myocardial Cells Derived from iPS Cells

4 June 2015

Alvetex® 3D cell culture platform reaches new heights with project aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

20 April 2015

New paper demonstrates formation of spontaneously active neuronal networks by stem cell derived neurons in 3D Alvetex Scaffold culture system

5 March 2015

RSC book publication: "Human-based systems for translational research"

2 February 2015

Biopta and Proteon publish new research in Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology

13 January 2015

Alvetex Scaffold 384 well plates used in an Oncology HTS program by AstraZeneca

8 October 2014

REPROCELL Acquires the iPS Cell Business Unit of Stemgent, Inc. (USA)

9 September 2014

Stem Cell Company REPROCELL (Japan) Acquires 3D Cell Culture Company Reinnervate (UK) and Human Tissue Supplier BioServe (USA)

5 August 2014

Scottish company creates first searchable database of human pharmacological responses in functional intact tissues

25 February 2014

Launch of Reinnervate Perfusion System for 3D cell culture

5 February 2014

Biopta collaborates with Merck to investigate in vivo cardiac effects

13 November 2013

Reinnervate Ltd partners with Oncotest and SBH Sciences on introductory services for screening novel anti-cancer drugs using 3D tumour cell culture

4 November 2013

Reinnervate Ltd and Roslin Cellab to partner around 3D stem cell printing products and technologies

19 September 2013

Prof. Stefan Przyborski to participate at the XCellR8 Human Primary Cell Culture course, 7 November 2013

22 August 2013

Alvetex 3D cell culture scaffolds chosen by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital for study of bone loss during space flight

31 July 2013

Scottish SMEs Announce Collaboration with Universities, Industry and NHS in Establishment of a £20m Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre

23 April 2013

3D cell culture firm Reinnervate and specialist Oncology CRO Oncotest GmbH enter collaboration agreement

7 January 2013

3D cell culture firm Reinnervate announces the release of Alvetex®Scaffold 96 well plates for high throughput 3D cell-based assays

14 December 2012

Medicyte GmbH and Reinnervate Ltd to collaborate on development of next generation predictive 3D cell toxicity assays

9 July 2012

Top award for 3D cell culture pioneer, Stefan Przyborski, of Reinnervate Ltd

27 June 2012

Reinnervate and Tecan to develop automated 3D cell culture solutions for improved cellular assays

17 June 2012

Reinnervate Ltd and Roslin Cellab announce plans to collaborate

30 April 2012

Reinnervate Ltd announce Kirkstall Ltd collaboration

30 March 2012

Reinnervate and Mirus Bio announce collaboration with the launch of the new 3D Transfection System for the transfection of cells cultured in Alvetex®

16 November 2011

Alvetex® voted one of most technologically significant new research products by R&D magazine

27 June 2011

Alvetex® named in the top ten life science innovations of 2010 by The Scientist magazine

6 December 2010

Reinnervate launches Alvetex®, a breakthrough product for enabling routine 3D cell culture

22 November 2010

Reinnervate completes expansion into new purpose-built facility at NETPark

17 November 2010

Reinnervate’s ec23® shown to enhance neuronal differentiation of human fetal neuroprogenitors and human embryonic stem cells

28 September 2010

Reinnervate wins Chemistry Innovation / EPSRC Industrial CASE Award to fund development of Alvetex® for the 3D culture of liver cells

28 September 2010

Reinnervate has been accepted as a new member of the In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform (IVTIP)

14 September 2010

Reinnervate secures £1.8 million of investment to support commercialisation of Alvetex

27 May 2010

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