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PRESS RELEASE: ABLE Biott Bioreactors now available in Europe

The lab-scale system will allow researchers to study and culture stem cells in suspension

Glasgow, UK: REPROCELL Europe Ltd today announced exclusive distribution rights to a single-use reactor series for stem cell culture in 11 European countries*. The ABLE Biott Bioreactor System is a lab-scaled bioreactor that offers a new way for stem cell researchers to study and culture pluripotent stem cells.

We are excited to offer our customers the chance to access this innovative new bioreactor, which is ideal for the culture of pluripotent stem cells” said Dr David Bunton, CEO at REPROCELL Europe Ltd. “The product has been rapidly and widely adopted by stem cell scientists in Japan and the US, with the recent CE marking now enabling its use in Europe”.

Benefits of the ABLE Biott Bioreactor System include the ability to:

  • Maintain more stable culture conditions
  • Observe exponential growth of stem cell cultures
  • Save space in your lab (systems are A4 size or smaller)
  • Reduce feeding frequency and total media volume used
  • Create stem cell aggregates or begin small-scale stem cell production

Features of the ABLE Biott Bioreactor System include:

  • Low heat diffusion ideal for smaller volume cell cultures (37 ̊ C)
  • Scalable, single use vessels ranging from 30 ml to 500 ml in size
  • Gamma-sterilized culture vessels made from high density polycarbonate
  • Highly efficient, low shear agitation driven by a Delta stirring blade (40 rpm)

The ABLE Biott Bioreactor System will be available starting September 2019, from £6470. For more information on the ABLE Biott Bioreactor System, sign up to the official product launch, or request a quote at

About REPROCELL: Established in 2003 by distinguished Japanese researchers, REPROCELL quickly became the leading stem cell research company in Japan. As a market leader with a portfolio of cells, culture media, and reagents, the company was listed on the Japanese growth stock market in 2013. Today, it is the parent of four distinct brands – Biopta, Stemgent, Alvetex and BioServe – and provides industry leading services to clients across industry and academia.

*Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Norway.

† Price accessed 21 August 2019. Based on purchase of the Bioreactor System Control and Motor, ABLE 5 mL Disposable Bioreactor (6 units), and ABLE Bioreactor Magnetic Stir System Base 5 mL (1 unit)

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