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REPROCELL Acquires the iPS Cell Business Unit of Stemgent, Inc. (USA)

YOKOHAMA, Japan — REPROCELL (JASDAQ:4978) announced that it will acquire the iPS Cell Business Unit of Stemgent, Inc. This acquisition allows the REPROCELL Group to expand the product lineups of its iPS Cell Business and establish technical advantages, promoting great differentiation.

Location: REPROCELL Inc. (Yokohama, Japan)
Date: August 9, 2014

Stemgent has succeeded in launching many worldwide leading iPS cell research reagent products including mRNA reprogramming kit, xeno-free culture media, and specialty chemicals for cell differentiation, and has established a world-famous, proven and trusted brand in the iPS cell field. Through the acquisition, REPROCELL Group can offer a wide variety of products with full coverage of iPS cell technologies, while also strengthening its sales channel and marketing function in the United States. In addition, the iPS Cell Business Unit of Stemgent has a broad network of academic researchers including a strong scientific advisory board in the United States, while REPROCELL has a wide academic network in Japan with a strong scientific advisory board, as well as its founder Prof. Nakatsuji at Kyoto University and Prof. Nakauchi at the University of Tokyo. The strongest academic network combined in United States and Japan will give us sustainable technical advantages in the iPS cell field.

About Stemgent — Stemgent is engaged in working alongside some of the world’s leading iPS cell scientists in developing innovative technology and application solutions for the advancement of iPS cell research. Its mission is to help simplify and support cellular reprogramming research by producing products being designed by leading iPS cell researchers worldwide.

About REPROCELL — Headquartered in Yokohama (Japan), REPROCELL is an integrated research and medical company. Serving the global market, the REPROCELL Discovery business unit is focused on providing drug discovery services and products including human tissues and cutting-edge iPS stem cell technologies. Leveraging this history and strength, the REPROCELL Medical business unit (formed 2017) is pioneering stem cell-based applications for regenerative medicine therapies and human diagnostics.

REPROCELL ( is a public company traded on the JASDAQ market. For more information on this press release contact your regional REPROCELL office (phone numbers and e-mails provided on the website listed above).

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