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REPROCELL and Hanugen to custom manufacture clinical grade oligos for gene therapy

REPROCELL India (formerly BioServe Biotechnologies India Pvt Ltd) and Hanugen Therapeutics have announced the launch of their custom manufacture offering for synthesis of milli molar scale clinical grade oligonucleotides for gene therapy.


As a leading manufacturer and a pioneer of gene therapy solutions in India, Hanugen is uniquely able to offer its capacity to manufacture oligonucleotides at a large scale for clinical trials. They will soon be able to offer this production in a GMP-grade facility.

REPROCELL India has offered nano molar and micro molar scale oligonucleotides for over 25 years. This partnership will help researchers in both companies to advance the translation of gene therapies, from discovery-level research to the optimization of gene therapy manufacturing unit operations.

Ravdeep Anand, CEO of Hanugen, commented “This partnership should help small scale and start-up companies to quickly scale up for clinical trials without the need for pilot scale investments. Hanugen’s expertise and processes will accelerate the bench to patient speed”.

“We are thrilled to now have our tools for simple oligonucleotide synthesis be part of a larger gene therapy offering. We will now offer our clients unifying gene therapy workflow,” commented Lalith Kishore, CEO, Bioserve Biotechnologies India Pvt Ltd.

The agreement was signed in presence of Dr Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO, Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) an initiative of Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Hanugen is a successful C-CAMP supported start-up. “The agreement provides a vision of how collaborations between local companies like Hanugen with capacities and technology can tie up with companies like REPROCELL with the global reach and extended technology portfolios. Together they can uniquely move this field forward, at both the therapeutic and research level. And most importantly provide simple and flexible solutions that streamline the delivery of effective therapies to patients”, Dr Saiyed said.

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