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Bioserve Biotechnologies Partners with BioMavericks Ltd. to Expand Presence in the UK market

[Hyderabad, India, 27 September 2023] – Bioserve Biotechnologies (India) Private Limited, a leader in molecular biology products, is teaming up with BioMavericks Ltd., a UK-based company. This partnership will allow Bioserve to extend its molecular biology product distribution, including DNA oligonucleotide synthesis across the United Kingdom.

Bioserve offers a comprehensive range of custom oligonucleotide synthesis and purification services tailored to meet specific customer needs. Our services utilize high-throughput automated machines, ensuring efficiency and precision. With over two decades of experience, we have built a strong customer base, serving prominent academic institutions and clinical diagnostic laboratories nationwide. As India's leading provider of oligosynthesis services, Bioserve also excels in molecular services, delivering essential analyses that empower scientists to achieve breakthroughs in research, drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, and advancements in onco-genetic testing solutions.

We understand the importance of quality science. Hence, our approach is extremely customer-driven. We strive to provide our customers with the best-in-class timely service. Their success is our pride.

BioMavericks Ltd. is a UK-based biotech startup utilizing AI technology to discover early-stage biomarkers for cancer diagnostics and also bridge the gap between life sciences and bioinformatics.

Bioserve has appointed BioMavericks as its distributor in the UK and BioMavericks will lead marketing efforts and enhance product distribution starting from January 2024 while Bioserve provides quality products to the customers through the company standards.

About Bioserve Biotechnologies (India) Private Limited

Bioserve, a biotechnology company, specializes in clinical diagnostics for early cancer detection. As India's leading Oligosynthesis provider, we also excel in molecular services. With over 20 years of experience, BioServe Biotechnologies India Pvt Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of REPROCELL, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under Growth Market since 2013.

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About BioMavericks Ltd.

BioMavericks Ltd. is a biotech startup utilizing AI technology to discover early-stage biomarkers for cancer diagnostics at the intersection of biomedical research and data science. Our bioinformatics solutions accelerate biofluid analysis, providing reliable and effective tools for cancer screening and monitoring. We collaborate with world-class academic institutes and business partners to advance oncology and improve patient outcomes through AI-driven biotechnology.

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