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Stemgent, a REPROCELL Group Company Announces a New High Performance Self-replicative RNA Reprogramming Kit

We are pleased to announce that Stemgent Inc. (Cambridge, MA), a REPROCELL Group Company (Yokohama, Japan – JASDAQ: 4978) has launched its new Stemgent StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit, the first commercially available RNA reprogramming kit applicable to cellular reprogramming of a blood-derived cell type.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please see the StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit (Cat. No 00-0076) as a replacement.

This non-viral, non-DNA reprogramming kit combines self-replicative RNA (srRNA) and microRNA technology, providing stem cell researchers with a safe, flexible and cost-effective cellular reprogramming method applicable to both human fibroblasts and blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs). EPCs are uniquely genetically stable and can be efficiently established from fresh or cryopreserved human peripheral and cord blood. This latest innovation was unveiled at the 13th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), June 24 – 27 in Stockholm, Sweden.

“The combination of readily-available patient blood samples with integration-free RNA reprogramming technology supported by the Stemgent StemRNA-SR Reprogramming Kit and protocol is a great step forward for researchers developing clinically relevant iPS cell lines” said Joseph Gentile (Chief Executive Officer, Stemgent).

Stemgent StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit

About Stemgent (A REPROCELL Group Company)

Stemgent is engaged in working alongside some of the world’s leading stem cell scientists in developing innovative technology and application solutions for the advancement of stem cell research. Its mission is to help simplify and support cellular reprogramming research by producing products being designed by leading stem cell researchers worldwide. Stemgent stem cell reagents are available to customers worldwide.

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