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Simplifying AI data analysis for scientists – as REPROCELL, IBM and STFC Hartree Centre successfully launch Pharmacology-AI platform

01 June 2023, Glasgow, UK and Daresbury, UK: REPROCELL today announces the launch of a new commercial service, Pharmacology-AI. The launch follows the completion of one of the first EXCELERATE projects, by the Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation (HNCDI), via a partnership between the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre and IBM. Through EXCELERATE, REPROCELL has collaborated with HNCDI to create a machine learning (ML) platform that simplifies and accelerates the analysis of big data from drug development studies.

1 June 2023 • Drug Discovery

Silo Pharma Initiates Study of Novel Joint Homing Peptide in Human Tissue

 Silo Pharma, Inc. has announced its plans to initiate a pilot study of its novel joint homing peptides targeting rheumatoid arthritis (RA), designated as SPU-21, in human synovial tissue surrounding joints and tendons. Conducted in partnership with REPROCELL, this three-month study will assess the binding affinity of the peptide in healthy human and RA synovial tissue. Initial data from the study is expected during the first quarter of 2023.

9 December 2022 • Drug Discovery

Building economic resilience and unleashing productivity through digital innovation

UK enterprises are facing a number of disruptive forces that necessitate transformation at pace – macro-economic challenges, socio-political challenges, and the focus on our own resilience. Industries from across the country are in the grip of a far-ranging digital revolution; an accelerated transformation that’s being driven by the desire to innovate and an appetite for enhanced competitiveness.

9 November 2022 • Drug Discovery

REPROCELL, IBM and STFC harness the power of AI in drug discovery and precision medicine

New collaboration at Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation combines REPROCELL’s tests of drug efficacy in human living tissues with IBM expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

31 August 2022 • Drug Discovery

Preclinical studies by REPROCELL give COPD drug a final boost before clinical trials

Glasgow UK - 17 August 2022: A drug being developed for the treatment of severe asthma and COPD has passed an important milestone. Scientists at REPROCELL compared the effects of the compound, RCD405, with drugs that are currently used to treat respiratory disease by assessing the effects of the drug ex vivo in human living bronchi.

17 August 2022 • Drug Discovery

Life science after lockdown - SPS returns for 2022

Next month, the Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) will be hosting its first in-person meeting since 2019. Now in its 22nd year, this dynamic forum is known for its global networking opportunities and events promoting the best practices in safety pharmacology.

15 August 2022 • Drug Discovery

REPROCELL co-author paper with IBM showcasing a novel ML driven precision medicine strategy for drug development

Glasgow UK - 25 February 2022: REPROCELL, in collaboration with researchers at IBM and the Precision Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre, have co-authored a publication aiming to improve precision medicine strategies.

8 March 2022 • Drug Discovery

REPROCELL spotlights the power of smarter biospecimens in new global publication

Glasgow UK - 21 January 2022: REPROCELL has published an article highlighting the power of human biospecimens in the latest issue of European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR). The piece, titled Dynamizing Biomarker R&D with Smarter Biospecimens, explains why quality biospecimens are essential to translational biomarker research.

21 January 2022 • Drug Discovery

Hoth Therapeutics Extends Partnership Agreement with REPROCELL

GLASGOW, October 25, 2021: Hoth Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOTH) has extended its partnership agreement with REPROCELL to assess the effect of the HT-003 therapeutic platform in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Fresh explants of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease tissues will be used to investigate the therapeutic potential of Hoth's HT-003 drugs. All testing will be performed at REPROCELL's Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery.

25 October 2021 • Drug Discovery

REPROCELL highlights the power of human fresh tissue in global publication

Glasgow, UK: REPROCELL employees, Zara Puckrin and Graeme Macluskie, have published a headline article in the latest issue of European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR).

5 July 2021 • Drug Discovery

Hoth Therapeutics Executes Partnership Agreement with REPROCELL to Assess the Effect of HT-003 Therapeutic Platform on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

NEW YORK, March 11, 2021/PR Newswire/ Hoth Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOTH), a biopharmaceutical company, today announced it has executed a partnership agreement with REPROCELL, a contract research organization (CRO), providing a unique combination of products and services to power translational research, to assess the effect of the HT-003 therapeutic platform on tissue from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease patients. Fresh explants of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease tissues obtained from surgical resection will be used as the test systems to investigate the therapeutic potential of the HT-003 drugs via measurement of key biomarkers for these diseases. All testing will be performed by REPROCELL.  

15 March 2021 • Drug Discovery

Why eTheRNA's mRNA vaccine may offer a long-term solution to COVID

REPROCELL has recently joined an international consortium, led by Belgium company etheRNA, to develop a novel mRNA vaccine against CoV-2. Administered intranasally, the proposed vaccine is intended primarily for high risk populations such as healthcare workers and families of confirmed cases. It is designed to be protective against future variations of the virus by targeting conserved epitopes from the whole CoV-2 genome.  In this article, REPROCELL (Biopta) CEO, Dr David Bunton, explains what separates this vaccine from other candidates in development.

13 July 2020 • Drug Discovery

Patient-derived tumor organoids recapitulate clinical treatments

The pharmaceutical industry suffers from very high rates of clinical failure, because preclinical predictions of efficacy often fail to realize a clinical benefit. In part, this can be attributed to an over-reliance on animal models of efficacy, which often do not fully predict human responses to drugs.

Two areas where very few predictive models are available is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)—which includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease—and gastrointestinal cancer—specifically cancer of the small intestine and the colon. REPROCELL has set out to solve these challenges by developing new preclinical tests based on human tissues, which we will explore in this article.

14 March 2018 • Drug Discovery