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REPROCELL spotlights the power of smarter biospecimens in new global publication

Glasgow UK - 21 January 2022: REPROCELL has published an article highlighting the power of human biospecimens in the latest issue of European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR). The piece, titled Dynamizing Biomarker R&D with Smarter Biospecimens, explains why quality biospecimens are essential to translational biomarker research.

"The use of poor quality biospecimens in biomarker research can lead to results that do not translate to the clinic. Findings made in this preclinical work are not reflected in the patient population due to poor storage, handling, and procurement of human biospecimens," said Rachna Goyal, Manager of PGS at REPROCELL. "To complicate matters further, biospecimen standards vary widely between biorepositories, and standardization is difficult due to the vast number of these organizations globally. This article outlines ways that researchers can identify high-quality biospecimens from more reliable vendors," she continued.

EBR is a quarterly publication that provides information on the European biopharmaceutical market. Its readership includes scientists across Europe, North America, and beyond. You can read the full article on the EBR website here.

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