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REPROCELL launches PCR Testing Service for COVID-19

[Yokohama, Japan] REPROCELL will launch a new PCR testing service for COVID-19 from March 2021 in collaboration with DNAFORM Inc: a Japanese start-up company based on cutting-edge technologies developed by RIKEN, Japan’s largest comprehensive research institute.

DNAFORM successfully launched an innovative diagnostics reagent for COVID-19 PCR testing in March 2020, SmartAmp, which was developed jointly by RIKEN and Kanagawa Prefectural Institute of Public Health. SmartAmp has three major advantages compared with existing PCR technology:

  1. Shorter operational time for virus detection (less than 40 min)
  2. Wider coverage for variants including UK, South African, and Brazil variants*
  3. Significantly lower risk of false positives

REPROCELL have been operating a certified diagnostics laboratory since 2005 in Japan with providing various testing services for more than 300 hospitals and clinics under ISO27001 guideline of information security management.

REPROCELL will start the PCR testing service for COVID-19 with utilizing the expertise and experience as a certified diagnostics laboratory and the innovative SmartAmp technology provided by DNAFORM.

About DNAFORM: DNAFORM offers innovative technology platforms for genome and transcriptome analysis. These include Cap-trapped full-length cDNA cloning, high-throughput expression profiling and promoter identification by next generation sequencing including genome annotation (Cap Analysis Gene Expression or CAGE), and point of care genotyping by SmartAmp. All our technologies gained rapid global recognition from outstanding publication records in leading scientific journals like Nature, Science, Nature Methods, and Nature Genetics. Moreover, DNAFORM is a leading clone distributor in particular offering resources from the RIKEN FANTOM Projects. Find out more on the company website.

About REPROCELL: REPROCELL Inc. was established in 2003 with the goal of contributing to people's health and welfare through the development of stem cell technologies. It was the first stem cell company in Japan. Today the company has evolved and become more international through global acquisitions. The corporate mission is defined as "improving human health through biomedical innovation and discovery"​. Find out more at

* Kanagawa Pref. have confirmed SmartAmp can detect UK, South Africa and Brazil variants precisely.

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