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REPROCELL announces publication of a research report on “3D Skin Model Construction,” submitted to the International Scientific Journal “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics” by REPROCELL and others

  • Company: REPROCELL, Inc. (JASDAQ Company code: 4978)
  • Representative: Chikafumi Yokoyama, PhD
  • Contact:

We are pleased to announce that a research report on “3D Skin Model Construction,” submitted by our corporate group member Reinnervate (Great Britain), pioneering biotechnology research center Durham University (Great Britain) and others, has been published in the scientific journal “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics,” a journal with global authority on cancer treatment.

With the goal of understanding the mechanism of the skin cancer known as malignant melanoma, with its lack of breakthrough treatments and low survival rate of less than 19%, it is announced that we constructed a 3D model of the pathology on a cell culture plate. Also, for the construction of this 3D model, the “Alvetex®” 3D cell culture platform, sold by our corporate group, was used.

It is hoped that the construction of this skin model will aid in research on breakthrough treatments for malignant melanoma and expansion in the scale of development of skin cancer treatments, and it is also possible that it will lead to increased sales of our corporate group’s “Alvetex®” (3D cell culture platform) product.

As a means to artificially reconstruct cellular functions both inside and outside the body, the field of 3D cell culture technology is garnering significant attention both for academic and practical use. Going forward, our group will continue to work to advance the development of more widely applicable and easily useable products and knowhow in this field.


  • Material submitted to “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics” (September 1, 2015) – “A Novel Fully Humanized 3D Skin Equivalent to Model Early Melanoma Invasion.” David S.Hill, Stefan Przyborski (Reinnervate technical researcher), etc.
  • Reinnervate Ltd. (a REPROCELL Group company) – The Development, Manufacture and Sale of 3D Culture Devices. A university-founded venture enterprise spun off from Great Britain’s Durham University, known as a center of excellence in the field of cellular biology. See Alvetex.

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