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REPROCELL announce the launch of StemRNA™ Entero human iPSC-derived intestinal epithelial cells

Yokahoma, Japan: REPROCELL announce the launch of StemRNA™ Entero: human iPSC-derived intestinal epithelial cells.

StemRNA™ Entero cells are intestinal epithelial cells derived from human iPSCs. This model was developed using advanced technologies established by Professor Shoen Kume (The Tokyo Institute of Technology) and REPROCELL, Inc. StemRNA™ Entero cells closely mimic the gene expression of intestinal epithelial cells; for example, they express high levels of the CYP3A4 gene – a key enzyme for metabolism – compared to Caco2 cells, an intestinal model system widely used to measure the absorption and metabolism of novel therapeutics. StemRNA™ Entero cells are designed for use as a more clinically relevant alternative to Caco2 cells in drug development.

The development of this product was partly supported by the project “Project Focused on Developing Key Evaluation Technology for the Industrialization in the Field of Regenerative Medicine and Manufacturing Technology for Industrialization in the Field of Regenerative Medicine” by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).

REPROCELL will continue to develop tools and services for drug discovery utilizing not only iPSC-derived functional cells – such as intestinal epithelial cells, neurons, hepatocytes etc – but also using fresh human tissues.

About REPROCELL: REPROCELL, Inc. is a leading Japanese biotechnology firm focusing on stem cells and supporting technologies, as well as human tissues and human tissue assays, though its Stemgent, BioServe, Biopta, and Alvetex Brands. REPROCELL stock is publicly traded on the Tokyo Exchange (TYO: 4798).

Please note: StemRNA™ Entero is only available for sale in Japan and USA. For more information, please contact

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