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Cellcolabs announces partnership with REPROCELL: Global distributorship for research- and GMP-grade MSC and MSC derivatives

SOLNA, Sweden and YOKOHAMA, Japan – Cellcolabs AB, a spin-out of the Karolinska Institute specialized in manufacturing both research- and GMP-grade mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), and REPROCELL Inc., Japan’s first induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) company, have partnered to globally distribute the high-quality MSCs and MSC derivatives manufactured by Cellcolabs for research and clinical applications. This agreement also includes exclusive distribution in Japan.

Cellcolabs’ stem cell manufacturing is based on more than 20 years of research and clinical experience led by Professor Katarina Le Blanc at the Karolinska Institute.

“We are happy to expand our offering of MSC and MSC-derivatives globally and exclusively in Japan both for research as well as clinical applications. Our partnership does not only encompass distributorship, but it will also allow REPROCELL to process, manufacture, and market further products using Cellcolabs high-quality MSCs. We are happy to address increasing requirements for MSCs in research but specifically for therapeutic applications” said Chikafumi Yokoyama Ph.D., CEO of REPROCELL Inc.

“We are happy to collaborate with REPROCELL Inc., extending the worldwide distribution of our MSCs and derivatives. Partnering with REPROCELL is in line with our mission to make MSCs for research and clinical use more available.” said Mattias Bernow MD, CEO of Cellcolabs AB.

About Cellcolabs AB

Cellcolabs AB, founded in 2021 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, focuses on industrial scale GMP production of MSCs based on over 20 years’ experience of stem cell research at the Karolinska Institute. The MSCs have been approved for use in multiple clinical trials in Sweden and internationally.

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REPROCELL (4978: TSE) was established in 2003 with a goal of contributing to people’s health and welfare through the development of stem cell technologies. REPROCELL successfully went public in 2013 as the first iPS cell company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market, and then started to expand their business both globally and rapidly through several M&As. REPROCELL is pursuing two business areas of Discovery and Medical using proprietary human cell technologies including stem cells, biorepository, bioengineered tissue and drug screening. REPROCELL has developed a proprietary process to manufacture integration-free, virus-free and clinically relevant human iPSC lines using proprietary RNA reprogramming technology. This process is suitable for manufacturing robust, consistent and high quality functional cells at commercial scale for use in both pre-clinical and clinical development activities.

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