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VIROCLINICS-DDL announces renewal of collaboration agreement with REPROCELL

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, VIROCLINICS-DDL is pleased to announce the signing of a renewal for collaboration agreement with REPROCELL. REPROCELL will provide sample processing services to VIROCLINICS-DDL to support several clinical research projects.

VIROCLINICS-DDL is the global leader in clinical trial management and laboratory services, focused on viral targets such as influenza, COVID-19, RSV, HBV and Polio.

REPROCELL will provide sample processing services in Japan to VIROCLINICS-DDL and will support COVID-19 clinical research projects from May 2021 until July 2021. REPROCELL will join VIROCLINICS-DDL’s extensive global processing laboratory network to assist with several clinical research studies.

“In REPROCELL we have found a strategic partner with an excellent track record of processing human biospecimens”, said Davide Molho DVM, CEO VIROCLINICS-DDL. “We are excited to continue teaming up with REPROCELL and look forward to embracing the many opportunities that lie ahead”.

 Processing laboratories are vital for supporting virology clinical trials given the perishable nature of the samples. It is essential to work with partners who can guarantee sample integrity.

“This renewal of collaborating relationship signifies REPROCELL’s global capabilities in human biospecimen processing and handling”, said Dr. Chikafumi Yokoyama, CEO REPROCELL Inc. “We are excited to continue to support the clinical trial business through this partnership with VIROCLINICS-DDL” he continued.

About VIROCLINICS-DDL: VIROCLINICS-DDL is a global leading speciality contract research organization, serving the biopharmaceutical community with a broad range of preclinical research, clinical diagnostic, assay development and clinical trial logistic services. A global reach is offered to our clients through a network of 35 processing laboratories. VIROCLINICS-DDL’s extensive experience with clinical and preclinical studies for viruses, including its speciality in respiratory and blood borne viruses, puts the company at the forefront in supporting the development of vaccines, antibodies and antiviral compounds targeting viral infectious diseases. Our in-house state of the art preclinical and clinical BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories allow for complex experiments with highly pathogenic organisms. VIROCLINICS-DDL is based in Rotterdam, Rijswijk, Schaijk, (The Netherlands) and employs more than 300 well-trained, dedicated scientists and technical experts.

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About REPROCELL: REPROCELL was established in 2003 to accelerate medical research via cutting-edge stem cell and human tissue-based technologies, including the use of novel transfection reagents and RNA-based methods for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells. REPROCELL has further diversified its portfolio of products and services to include predictive drug discovery services in human fresh tissues, technologies for the manufacture of bioengineered human tissues, industry-leading gene editing technology and one of the largest commercial repositories of ethically sourced human tissue.

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