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REPROCELL Launches New Global Website

Regional companies and brands are integrated into one comprehensive English website demonstrating synergies of REPROCELL’s unique portfolio.

  • Location: REPROCELL Inc. (Yokoyama, Japan)
  • Business Unit: REPROCELL Inc. (Yokoyama, Japan) REPROCELL Discovery & REPROCELL Medical
  • Date: January 15, 2018

Announcement — Today, REPROCELL rolled out its new comprehensive global website demonstrating the synergies and power of the full portfolio of products and services. The old websites of Stemgent, BioServe, Reinnervate and Biopta are no more with all customer web-searches redirected to the new global pages. The new website is loaded with information and features covering all brands, provided in a way that viewing and searching is more productive and informative. Also improved is the e-commerce online ordering experience (for USA customers only).

The Japan language website has been moved to make room for the new global website, powered by a new server and listed under a new domain (, the Japan website speed and performance has also been dramatically improved.

The company has also refreshed and integrated all the social media sites under the REPROCELL brand for the global market. Using a single Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account, the news from Japan and all international sites is now coordinated and announced on unified accounts. Links to these social media sites are given below.

These digital infrastructure improvements and others are expected to improve the cross-sales of products and services in the global market, increasing revenue and positioning REPROCELL as a fully integrated stem cell and drug discovery company.


Headquartered in Yokohama (Japan), REPROCELL is an integrated research and medical company. Serving the global market, the REPROCELL Discovery business unit is focused on providing drug discovery services and products including human tissues and cutting-edge iPS stem cell technologies. Leveraging this history and strength, the REPROCELL Medical business unit (formed 2017) is pioneering stem cell-based applications for regenerative medicine therapies and human diagnostics. REPROCELL ( is a public company traded on the JASDAQ market. For more information on this press release contact your regional REPROCELL office (phone numbers and e-mails provided on the website listed above).

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