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REPROCELL Receives MSCRF Grant to Accelerate Stem Cell Drug Discovery Capability for Enabling Neuronal Disease Research and Drug Development

Maryland, September 2019: The Maryland based REPROCELL Inc. subsidiary, REPROCELL USA Inc. announces that they have received a $292,580 grant from the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF). 

REPROCELL will apply the funding towards the development of stem cell banking for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and neural stem cells (NSCs) derived from various neuro-degenerative disease patients. These cells have the capability to be further differentiated into target neural cell lineages for disease research and drug discovery.

iPSC-based disease modeling is a valuable resource for studying disease mechanisms in vitro at the cellular level, screening potential new therapeutics, and investigating the propensity of mechanism for development of toxic side effects caused by a drug treatment. Disease model iPSC and NSC banking will allow neuro-degenerative disease researchers access to such models within a much shorter timeline through the ready-made banking.

“REPROCELL’s unique internal capability from disease tissue procurement, transfection and differentiation into various neural lineages will be fully utilized to contribute researchers globally in the area of neuro-degenerative diseases.” says Rama Modali, Chief Executive Officer at REPROCELL USA Inc. “REPROCELL’s 3rd  Generation RNA reprogramming technology is also a suitable method for this purpose.”

“We are excited to have REPROCELL join our family of Maryland based companies that advance stem cell research and commercialization,” says Dan Gincel, the Executive Director of the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund. “Their award to build a commercial neural cell bank from patient-derived iPSCs addresses a critical need and will allow researches from all over the world to advance new therapies.”

TheMSCRF provides commercialization awards to assist with the creation of novel stem cell technologies to promote state-funded stem cell research and therapeutics in Maryland. So far, the organization has provided $157 million toward the expansion of stem cell research. The MSCRF is administered by the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO).

About REPROCELL: REPROCELL are experts in stem cell research and were one of the first companies to commercialize iPSCs. They offer a range of molecular services, drug discovery assays, and human tissues to their clientele across the globe. Thanks to a joint venture with GenAhead Bio, their customers can access CRISPR-SNIPER, a gene editing system that has the power to estimate gene editing success rate in two weeks.

About MSCRF: The Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund is focused on identifying and fostering cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of regenerative medicine in Maryland. The MSCRF Accelerating Cures initiative comprises programs that help transition human stem cell-based technologies from the bench to the bedside as well as mechanisms to build and grow stem cell companies in Maryland. Learn more at

About TEDCO:TEDCO provides resources and connections that early stage technology and life sciences companies need to thrive in Maryland. TEDCO’s mission is to discover, invest in, and help build great Maryland-based companies. Learn more at

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