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Human Tissue Experts REPROCELL Launch New Customized Primary Cell Isolation Services

REPROCELL’s BioServe and Biopta tissue procurement networks combine to create a new service isolating human primary cells.

REPROCELL Human Tissue Networks

PBMC-density-gradient-isolation REPROCELL, the leading human tissue research company, is further expanding its range of human tissue services provided to the pharmaceutical industry. For over 16 years, its BioServe and Biopta brands have been recognized experts in accessing ethically-sourced human biospecimens. Through its new cell culture facilities in Maryland and Glasgow, UK, REPROCELL sources tissues and isolates primary cells from tissues including blood and solid tissues. REPROCELL can access both healthy donors and a wide range of diseases (e.g. COPD, Asthma, Psoriasis, Inflammatory bowel disease, etc.). REPROCELL has over 600,000 samples in its biorepository and also offers custom collections from its global tissue network.

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Human primary cells: more relevant than animal cells or immortalized cell lines

We provide our clients with customized projects to generate primary cells of value to your research programs. By using human cells, important physiological properties of the original tissue are retained and the prediction of human responses to drugs is superior to tests using immortalized cell lines or animal cells.

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