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REPROCELL collaborates with Blacktrace Holdings in the sales of Nadia series, single-cell analysis system, in Japan

YOKOHAMA, 22 March, 2021/ REPROCELL has initiated a collaboration with Blacktrace Holdings Ltd in the sales of their Nadia series: a single-cell analytical system, in Japan.

Single-cell analysis, or analysis of cell characteristics at the single-cell level, is actively practiced in Regenerative Medicine research. This technology allows the study of cell differentiation process at a single-cell level, where conventional analytical techniques are limited to processing whole cell populations.

The Nadia series, developed by Blacktrace Holdings Ltd (a leading company in this field), has enabled automation of single-cell analysis in various types of cells.

REPROCELL have recently expanded their business by combining their advanced cell culture technology with the sale of multi-well MEA systems (Maestro Pro) and cytotoxic real-time measuring system (Maestro Z). Aided by their strong sales channels, REPROCELL expect the addition of this single-cell analytical system to further expand their prospects.       

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Figure 1: Nadia Series, single-cell analytical equipment Figure 2: Single-cell

About Blacktrace Holdings Ltd:  Since 2001, Blacktrace - located in Royston near Cambridge, England - has been developing research equipment, including the Nadia series. Their innovative products are widely used in academia and industry for Regenerative Medicine and cancer research.

About REPROCELL: REPROCELL was established in 2003 to accelerate medical research via cutting-edge stem cell and human tissue-based technologies, including the use of novel transfection reagents and RNA-based methods for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells. REPROCELL has further diversified its portfolio of products and services to include predictive drug discovery services in human fresh tissues, technologies for the manufacture of bioengineered human tissues, industry-leading gene editing technology and one of the largest commercial repositories of ethically sourced human tissue. You can find out more at:

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