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Axion BioSystems makes REPROCELL a distributor of its Maestro systems and consumables

[Hyderabad, India] Axion BioSystems, Inc., the world leader in multi-well microelectrode array (MEA) systems, has announced Bioserve Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd (REPROCELL’s 100% owned subsidiary) as the new distributor of its Maestro systems and consumables in India.

Maestro Pro and Maestro Edge are the world’s most advanced MEA platforms. When combined with modern cell culture technologies, Axion’s platform allows scientists to model human heartbeats and brain activity in a dish. Axion’s products are used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, governmental agencies, and universities for drug safety, drug discovery, and disease modeling assays.

"In addition to our existing collaboration in Japan, we are very excited to further partner with Axion in India. Axion’s product portfolio represents very high-quality laboratory instrumentation, consumables, and software for the in vitro life science market,” said Rama Modali, CEO Bioserve Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd. “With the increasing interests in stem cell-based assays in India, the Axion brand is a great fit with our strategy," he continued.

"We are very excited to partner with REPROCELL as they have a long history of providing quality sales, service, and support to customers in the cell-based assay market," noted Jim Filippini, SVP, Global Sales for Axion BioSystems. "This partnership with REPROCELL will allow us to accelerate sales of our current, and soon-to-be released products, due to their extensive relationships with the life science customer base in India."

About Axion BioSystems, Inc.

Axion, a life science company located in Atlanta, GA, developed the first commercial multi-well MEA system, the Maestro™, an easy-to-use, non-invasive instrument that measures functional electrical signals from brain and heart cells. Axion have continued to expand on the promise of these label free, bioelectronic assays. Recently, Axion introduced the Maestro Z and ZHT systems, providing functional measures of cell growth, with specific applications in immuno-oncology and virology. Axion’s products are used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, governmental agencies, and universities for disease modeling, drug safety, and drug discovery assays.


REPROCELL is a global contract research organization with laboratories across Japan, Europe, US and India. They specialize in a range of services and products focused around Translational Medicine and Stem Cell Research. REPROCELL’s cutting edge stem cell technologies also enable clients with clinical/therapeutics projects, through generating seed iPSC, suitable for their clinical and therapeutic applications.


BIOSERVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd (REPROCELL’s 100% owned subsidiary) is an expert team of molecular biology, bioinformatics and pathologists. They focus on fulfilling the most demanding and detailed customer requirements in the fields of Oligonucleotide Synthesis, DNA Sequencing, Genotyping / SNP analysis, Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics. We are an industry-leading research partner, focused on supplying consumers around the globe with the highest consumer service. They should also remain the greatest of knowledge, training, productivity and creativity.

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