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REPROCELL will participate at the Biotechgate Digital Partnering Event.

REPROCELL USA and REPROCELL Europe will be attending all 5 days of the Biotechgate Digital Partnering 2021 Event, 3-7 May 2021. 

Partnering scheduling is now open, and registration is free. 
Have a one-on-one Zoom meeting with our experts and get to know our capabilities of life sciences.

We may be a good partner for you in your research projects! We have included an overview of our available services below:

Drug Discovery Services

Achieve early indication of clinical drug performance using ethically sourced human fresh tissues. Human ex vivo assays bridge the gap between animal studies and clinical trials — streamlining the drug discovery process and accelerating your test article pipeline.  With our unparalleled access to ethically donated human tissue, REPROCELL has developed the most clinically relevant functional human tissue models, that avoid species differences, improve understanding of disease pathology and reduce clinical attrition by demonstrating proof of concept in human disease. 

Some examples of the studies we frequently conduct:

  • Organoculture systems to investigate inflammatory responses (cytokine release) in skin (normal, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis) gastrointestinal tissues (normal and IBD) and lung (normal, COPD, and asthma).
  • Cardiac contractility in failing and non-failing hearts for efficacy studies or to detect cardiovascular safety risks.
  • Smooth muscle contractility in blood vessels, airways, stomach, small intestine, colon, bladder, etc.
  • Mucosal ion channel assays, investigating sodium, chloride, and potassium channels in intact mucosa of the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.
  • Permeability of test compounds through tracheal mucosa or the gastrointestinal tract

Our experienced team can analyze a range of endpoints using human intact fresh tissues to complete your customized project.

Research Stem Cell Services

At REPROCELL we regularly perform custom iPSC reprogramming and stem cell differentiation services. Some examples of our service work in this area include: 

  • Disease and patient-specific tissue/cell (skin, blood, or urine) procurement and mRNA-based reprogramming to iPSCs 
  • CRISPR SNIPER gene editing of iPSCs to either induce known mutations in healthy lines or correct known mutations in disease lines*
  • Custom differentiation of iPSCs to various neural (dopaminergic neurons, cortical neurons, etc.) and non-neural fates
  • Small molecule or other drug treatment of iPSC-derived cell lines followed by analysis (survival, fate, proliferation, etc.) 

Additionally, we will soon be launching a clinical iPSC manufacturing service in which we can identify donors, collect tissue, derive seed stock iPSCs, and generate Master and Working Cell Banks in accordance with clinical regulatory guidelines.

Genomic Services

We offer a full suite of accurate and cost-effective preclinical molecular services both as a complement to our Global BioRepository and as a stand-alone business.

We specialize in smaller to mid-size projects, providing intense customer service from assay design to data delivery and discussion (with you) about your experiment results.

Human Tissue Samples

The REPROCELL Bioserve Global Biorepository is one of the largest commercial human tissue banks in the world. With more than 600,000 human serum, DNA, RNA, and FFPE samples, from over 120,000 patients on four continents, there is a good chance that the human DNA samples you need are already stored in the Biorepository.

*Note: The modified cells are developed, manufactured or supplied by GenAhead Bio Inc. under license from ERS Genomics Limited.

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