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Publication of Paper on “3D culture model construction of mouse neurons” in Neuroscience Letters

Notice concerning the publication of a paper concerning “3D culture model construction of mouse neurons” from a company in our group in the international neuroscience journal ‘Neuroscience Letters’

  • Company: REPROCELL,Inc. (JASDAQ Company code: 4978)
  • Representative: Chikafumi Yokoyama, PhD
  • Contact:

We are writing to inform you that a paper on the topic of “3D culture model construction of mouse neurons”, written by a company pertaining to our group, Reinnervate (UK) [now REPROCELL Europe], along with other contributors including Durham University (UK), who are engaged in cutting-edge research in the field of biotechnology, has recently been published in the ‘Neuroscience Letters’, a leading international journal.

In the paper, the writers announces that they have successfully constructed mouse neurons using multi-electrode arrays (MEAs), which are used for evaluation of electrical activity in drug discovery and toxicity investigations in the pharmaceutical industry. Up until now, evaluation of electrical activity in neurons was conducted primarily using plate cultures, but using this 3D culture model, it will become possible to build neuron networks which replicate living organisms more closely, allowing for test results with an extremely high degree of precision and accuracy.

Also, our group’s product Alvatex is used in the mouse neuron 3D culture model described in this research. Our group will continue to advance our 3D neuron culture technology, which is receiving a great deal of interest both from academia and from those interested in putting it into practical use, and increase our level of competitiveness in our field.


  • Paper published in Neuroscience Letters (14th October 2014) – “Neuronal-glial populations form functional networks in a biocompatible 3D scaffold” Benjamin J. Whalley, Stefan Przyborski (Principal Investigator at Reinnervate), et al.
  • Reinnervate Ltd. (a REPROCELL Group company) – Development, manufacture and sales of 3D culture devices. A venture enterprise formed as a result of a spin out from Durham University, which is a center of research excellent in the field of cell biology. [Reinnervate is now REPROCELL Europe – see Alvetex.]

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