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PRESS RELEASE: Our StemRNA Clinical Seed iPSCs Power Breakthrough in Women's Health!

REPROCELL is thrilled to share groundbreaking research facilitated by our StemRNA™ Clinical Seed iPSCs, a pivotal step forward in redefining women's healthcare. In tandem with our partner Gameto, a female-led biotechnology company, we provided the stem cell foundation for their innovative investigational in vitro maturation (IVM) solution, Fertilo.

This new research showcases the integral role of our StemRNA™ Clinical Seed iPSCs in the cellular engineering and manufacturing processes behind Fertilo. By leveraging our advanced stem cell technology, Gameto has developed a pure population of highly potent ovarian support cells (OSCs), essential for maturing eggs outside of the body.

Our StemRNA Clinical Seed iPSCs enable Gameto to create OSCs that closely mimic the natural support cells of the ovary, enhancing in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes and offering promising potential for clinical applications. The manuscript detailing this groundbreaking work, "Reproducible differentiation of pure ovarian support cells from clinical grade hiPSCs as a novel infertility treatment," underscores the robustness and scalability of our stem cell platform.

We're proud to play a pivotal role in advancing women's health and fertility medicine through our StemRNA Clinical Seed iPSCs. As Gameto prepares for Phase 3 trial initiation, we remain committed to supporting their mission and driving transformative breakthroughs in regenerative medicine.

About Fertilo: Fertilo, Gameto's flagship investigational program, harnesses the power of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) to revolutionize fertility treatments. Engineered to mature eggs outside the body, Fertilo offers a breakthrough in minimal hormonal stimulation cycles for in vitro fertilization and egg freezing. Gameto's mission with Fertilo is to democratize fertility treatments, making them more convenient, safer, and accessible to a broader patient demographic. With regulatory clearance for commercialization in Australia and key markets across Latin America, Fertilo stands poised to transform the landscape of reproductive medicine worldwide.

About Gameto: Gameto is a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to advancing treatment options in women's health, beginning with infertility. With a seasoned scientific management team at the helm, Gameto is driven by a vision to develop innovative solutions tailored to support women throughout their reproductive journeys. Guided by CEO Dina Radenkovic, a physician-turned-entrepreneur, and chaired by Martin Varsavsky, a renowned serial entrepreneur and founder of North America's largest fertility network, Prelude Fertility, Gameto is poised to redefine standards in women's reproductive health.

About REPROCELL: REPROCELL is a life sciences company passionate about translational medicine. As experts in stem cell technologies, 3D cell culture and human tissue research, our aim is to bridge the gap between bench and bedside. REPROCELL’s products and services provide clinically relevant solutions for your life sciences research needs.

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