Predictive Drug Discovery Services
Therapeutic Areas: Hepatic

Over a hundred different diseases of the liver have been characterized whose etiology is mostly congenital, viral, cancer, or life-style related. As one of the largest organs, the liver regulates sugar, processes and stores nutrients, metabolises drugs and toxins, produces cholesterol and other critical functions. The liver is an organ of intense research in regenerative medicine laboratories for potential regrowth using stem cell related technologies.

REPROCELL offers iPSC-derived human hepatocytes and custom-derived hepatocytes for disease studies and drug metabolism research. Also available are support media and reagents for iPSC and human hepatocytes (some products are shown below). Some hepatic injury-related human liver tissue specimens can be obtained from BioServe tissue resources and contract research services from the >Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery (formerly Biopta) can include liver modeling with iPSC-derived hepatocytes for use in custom bio-assays, in addition to other gastrointestinal tissue assays.